Ukraine under attack: Moscow calls out Kyiv for targeting border towns | World News | WION

Kremlin accused Ukraine of targeting Russian border towns. The defence ministry said that the scale of the missile strikes against Kyiv will increase in response to any terrorist attacks on Russian territory.

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Comment (20)

  1. I can translate too… "Lie. lie….lie lie lie. Bigger lie followed by another lie…. lie… lie… lie"

  2. Maybe its time to Armed
    Ukraine W ith Nuclear Weapons so that Russia can taste also their own medicine.

  3. Putin has SOME NERVE ..

    But it's like a cult. Putin is the cult leader.

    We all know what happens to cult leaders.

    They destroy everyone on their way out.

    But they never step away casually or with grace.

  4. @wion. Please. What is wrong with the subtitles program or writter?


    Is so

    Difficult to


    There is not logical sentence splitting between the slides. Therefore it is really difficult to read and put the sentence together as a reader.

  5. So what! Russia invaded a sovereign nation with a scorched earth policy, they murder and rape Ukrainian citizens!If they don’t what hostilities on Russian soil then they should not invade their neighbors! Russia is as pathetic as their military and its tactics! If Putin and his cronies didn’t steal as of Russias wealth, Russia would be a modernized and wealthy nation with a capable military! After this war no nation will want to buy their crap, it’s been proven to be junk! Other than cruiser Moskova , which has been converted to a Putin Class Submarine, which is on a special underwater operation!

  6. Oh how nice! When Russia invades Ukraine, they call it "special operation" as self-defense. When Ukraine responds to the unfair invasion by bombing Russian border areas, they call it "Ukranian terrorist attacks". Aww… Russia is really being oppressed!!!! 🤣

  7. Putin if you notice had a deform face must of been picked on alot as a child. What an agressor your in the same place as iran oh i forgot y'all close like sisters. What a coward can't fight on the ground with many thousands and thousands of solders so he has to be bombing city's. What a coward

  8. Don't let this dictator push tells spirits down ukrain it's what he trying to do keep fighting brothers and sisters. God be with you and your state believe this god well deal with this child and with killers

  9. putin is so desperate,all is staged like what he did to win the presidency…easy blamed to chechen and now bomb its own and blame Ukrain to gain support from russian civilians.

  10. Sir, Ukranians have every right to attack the territory of Russia when it kills the innocent Ukranians by the senseless war of the dictator Mr.Putin.


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