Ukraine under attack: Russian assault on Azovstal steel plant continues | World News | WION

On April 21, Russia declared victory over Mariupol but did not have complete control over the southern Ukrainian city. Ukrainian forces and civilians remained holed up in the sprawling Azovstal steel plant and two weeks on Russian forces continue to fight to capture the last stronghold of Ukrainian resistance in the city.

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Comment (42)

  1. WION used a thumbnail showing burning trucks that resulted from a Ukrainian attack on a civilian business in Donetsk that makes transformers and stores large quantities of transformer oil.
    Why use a thumbnail that has nothing to do with this content, and why report nothing about Ukraine's unprovoked attack on civilian infrastructure in Donetsk?

    Clearly WION knows about it, and it looks very much like WION is choosing to say nothing critical of the Comedian-in-Chief.

  2. The rest of civilians under this steel plant, the ucranian soldiers most of them mercenaries are using as human shield to the civilians children and women. All world should willl knows how the neo nazis control this fall govertment. thanks to the americans and nato ….!!!!!

  3. Russia needs to wrap up this War as soon as possible.

    But to insure a true victory Russia would need to take control the Coastline of Ukraine.

  4. We know where Putin will be on Victory's Day,( stood on his platform heels taking the salute ) so I hope Ukraine are going to take full advantage and to hell with the consequences .

  5. Dunno who is funding WION seems they are hell bent in potraying Russia as an evil aggressor killing civilians, while truth is contrary. They show Azov as just another military unit while they are literally Nazis

  6. Till last Ukrainian, even terrorist surrender, young Ukrainian boys sacrificed to death not allowed to surrender in this difficult situation Ridiculous. What military strategy is this? I need to be schooled by General zelensky?.

  7. War mongers create wars and conflicts to exploit the situation to steal oil and gas for free

  8. In other videos if you look closely the walls of the subbasement are brick not concrete. Saying Asovstal has shelters is a patent lie.

  9. In other words, Ukraine soldier are keeping civilize as 'Meat Shields' … And you say Russia is the worst.

  10. From what I heard it's not a strong hold or resistance pocket. its few Nazis surrounded with few civilian hostages they can't do anything cuz they are cut off. Or am I wrong

  11. War doesn't work, it Promotes Hates, Death and Evil. Two World Wars, Millions dead, treated like meat and we still want to act like Animals. There is No Glory in the of Killing the weak or Any other Human to gain access to a false Glory. When will we learn, when will we change and grow as a species.

  12. Now I see why russia went in to destroyed this militarized zone . NATO and MERIKKKA was building massive military front , right in russia footstep. All it need was Ukraine to join NATO , AND IT WAS IVER FOR RUSSIA. BRAVO RUSSIA, IF THIS WAS ON MERIKKKA DOOR STEP THEY WILL DO THE SAME

  13. This time you will surrender.Such shelling will show you the right path to follow. Come out of the steel curves and save yourselves.Civilian shields can not save you at this stage.Russia is sealing up Mariupol chapter.

  14. it really is the end of the world it is since 2000 years when jesus first came now is just at its peak, for god 1 thousand years is a second and a second is 1 thousand years! the sign 666 will be keeping sunday as day of worship! you heared me right! the 4th comandement in the ten laws is keep my sabats ,that shall be a sign between me and you, it was refering to the jews, but the bible has 100 precent actuality and 100 precent do as god said no matter the times! the godgiven day of worship the sabath is saturday not sunday! sunday was the first day of the weak, vatican and the popes changed it , claiming they have is autorityn as the pope is god on earth, ruler of heavens earth and hell! now this is the bigest blasphemy somone claiming hes god! the pope already met with all worlds leaders, political-religious-and the 1precent wealthiest people on earth the illuminatis A class luciferian puppets! they met saying they discuss the climate change problem! what happened when jesus was crucified , saying that is better for one man to die than the whole people to be in disagreement, this is text book what will happen these days, youl hear this soon enough,! as inflation and economy, the famens the climate calamities , wile keep growing in intensity, whatever they do it by harpp projects or some ar really god let to happen, as its all predicted in Daniel prophet and apocalypse! the fear the teror the need for a solution will expend, ! all this problems will be blaimed on those who refuse to worship sunday , the sign of the pope, and everything will be blamed on this few people who refuse to bow in front of vatican (sunday)! text book what happened with jesus will happen to those who refuse popes autority who claims he is god, and all this wrath is beacouse this public enemys refuse to listen to him! but lucifer was defeated in heavens, was defeated at the cruce, and will be defeated in the end! for those who understand jesuses died for all sins , and all sinners, no man is reedemed by his deeds but by gods grace, and the holy spirit who strenghtens those who care only about what the bible says , and refuse to worship a man given day! evrything is mad for people to be blind to this: "ego" "music" "brandi love", its all made to sell you a false sense of utopia and comfort, meanwille you neglect this most precious times ever on earth! i cant reply back to anything as youtube deletes my replys most of the times, even if i respond from another acount, pray and have faith , jesus is right with you, have faith! dont doubt god a second, imma pray for you to, do aswell!

  15. Ukrainians are dying in a large number while the western media are busy deceiving the world that Ukraine is winning.

  16. Ziolensky is a narcissistic mad man. He is sacrificing Ukrainian people for cheap attention from the Western Clown parlamentarians and cry-babies in Corporate media.

  17. Last time we see this commander
    Russian airforce in full action …just 30 minutes…heavy assault

  18. What lies, no one was held hostage by the Ukrainians, Russia needs to be punished for the things they are doing!
    Glory to the Ukraine 🇺🇦

  19. Can Russia just bomb everything and everyone at once and get this thing done once and for all.

  20. You see if freedom is this expensive, as a leader of a nation I would opt for a negotiated settlement. Russia is evil for this invasion. Ukrainian government is evil for allowing people to pick up arms to save their skin, knowing very well the odds of the conflict. Our EU leaders are also evil for fighting Russia at Ukraine's expense.
    There was no need to get where we are today if everyone respected the security of each sovereign state. We now dragged into this war we weren't party to it's beginning. Our people will lose their livelihoods just because our government is pressured into taking decisions that goes against our interests as a citizens. I'm disappointed in Scholz.

  21. They controlled the city, what's a defeated surrounded military going to do? They will die like cock roaches with their nato advisors in there..

  22. 0:49. This is exactly how I imagine a guy who has been fighting Russian troops non stop for 71 days.
    His gear is clean, not torn, its almost brand new. He doesn't look exhausted at all. So, I wonder if he even fought a single day?

  23. Russia must just destroy it completely with heavy weapons to the ground if they keep refusing. They are hundreds of Nato generals there that’s why they don’t want to give up bcz it will blow their cover. Just destroy it

  24. They said they will only release those civilians trapped in there in exchange for food and medicine, one tone of supplies for 15 hostages, this Azov Nazi bast@rds were crazy.


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