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In the recent update on the Russia-Ukraine conflict, Russia denied an attack on its cruise missile warship. An arms plant in Kyiv was destroyed in a major Russian assault. This attack is widely regarded as a revenge strike by the Kremlin.

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Comment (21)

  1. Can't trust what Russia says Putin is a liar just like no we're not gonna invade Ukraine the west is paranoid ya right Putin liar!

  2. Zelensky should diplomatically negotiate with Moscow for the sake of world peace instead of acting as a western puppet. He fails to understand that he can't win this war against Russia because even his masters don't want to directly fight and confront with Moscow

  3. Ukraine already lost the Country 👌. They just don't know yet? Hope dies – the Last!

  4. Are u sure
    Ukrain zeeee wining
    Western media said
    1 million russia dead
    I meant 1 million america dead

  5. Seems Russian military is paper tiger. They r doing too little,too late to meet their objectives. They lack modern drones, 24/7 intelligence gathering satellites, stealth fighters,stealth combat helicopters. They should be using hundreds of combat drones which they don't have. I wonder why r they conducting military operation when they don't have means to do so. This conflict exposed Russia's terrible state of military which surprised the west.

  6. To the Ukraine people and President Zelensky and volunteer s and soldiers keep praying and using stingers and Drones and javelin and Neptune missiles against the Russian aggrevessors in Ukraine and in Maripold and the Donbas and Crimea and blow up the road the road and bridges and all Russian aggrevessors Fuel Dumps blow them up and food conveys and water conveys as well Says IAM who Iam Amen and amen Having done all Stand Stand

  7. Indians as world community are really concerned about Human rights violation in United States of America…This issue needs to be raised in UN

  8. Indians as world community are really concerned about Human rights violation in United States of America…This issue needs to be raised in UN

  9. All Russia is ever going say will sound like a parrot. Russia denies it.Russia denies it Russia denies it .squawk Polly want a cracker.Polly want a cracker? Squawk Rusia denies it.

  10. WAR IS THE WORST CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY. My heart goes out to the people of Russia and Ukraine.💔Zelensky has sold his people and Country to the War Economy. A US/NATO marionette with the blood of his people on his hands. A whack the Dog Scenario! Zelensky is a Dark Comedian and plays a brilliant role in the movie "Judas Returns" Produced by NATO and Directed by CIA/USA. His interpretation of Judas as Rocky Bilbao is received with standing ovation and thundering applause across the Parliamentary Cinemas in Europe and USA.

  11. 👀💬Jim I’m sorry he’s going to allow omega strain to be captured saying nuclear was in the wrong hands then and our new B bomb is in his wrong hands now NO PHD🤦🏿‍♂️he’s just not going to believe the doctor and that’s the numerical his brain absorbs it’s once bomb goes of the Milley is baited and they wait for his towel for next play man 🦗


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