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In a recent update on the Ukraine-Russia conflict, Ukraine said 12 Russian Generals were killed. The report revealed that the US is providing details on the Russian troop movement and giving real-time information to Kyiv.

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Comment (20)

  1. Real general dies on the frontline not Ukrainian and USA generals that sit in the office and makes failure upon failure 🤣😀😀😂

  2. You forget to mention that it's still not helping Ukraine to win the war.
    To get an accurate analysis of the war-both on the military and economic fronts- listen to YouTube channels of 'Alexander Mercouris' or 'The Duran' or 'Alex Christoforou'. You will never listen to the msm rubbish again.

  3. Bla bla bla ..they killed all Generals from Russia .. bla bla bla like the Gohst of Kiev???

  4. “Rest thou assured that in this era of the spirit, the Kingdom of Peace will raise up its tabernacle on the summits of the world, and the commandments of the
    Prince of Peace will so dominate the arteries and nerves of every people as to draw into His sheltering shade all the nations on earth. From springs of love
    and truth and unity will the true Shepherd give His sheep to drink”.
     (Abdu'l-Baha, Selections from the Writings of Abdu'l-Baha, p. 246)

  5. Putin has no return. The only meaning of his words is that they reveal yet another lie. If he wants to negotiate no one will take him seriously. This war will be the end to Putin and Communism like WW2 was the end to Hitler and Nazism. Ukraine will be the welcomed heroes in the EU family. Freedom and democracy to Europe and Ukraine! I´m very happy people commenting here don´t live in Europe.

  6. Only idiots would reveal such a thing, if it was true! Biden is such an idiot,and the people who pull the potato strings are guilty of treason.

  7. My only fear is if Russia is pushed to the wall and lunches a nuclear attack what would be the response of US and the world? peace talks or a nuclear Armageddon

  8. Russians say they killed 153 American marines, one Canadian major arrested 57 killed, 25 Britain nabbed and 279 killed and 587 NATOs soldiers killed 929 arrested and sent to Russia for better treatment. Lord God bless Putin. Long live Putin

  9. remember that Russia has under the oceans nukes that can create title waves flooding whole nations! over the skies, out in space pointed at all their enemies worldwide, smart nukes, space nukes, and many other military equipment nukes that the world doesn't know anything about! this is the cause of the USA-created war! like the USA used nukes against japan! so can Russia use nukes against all of their worldwide enemies! we call this use of nukes self-defense!


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