Ukraine war pushes neutral countries closer to NATO as Sweden, Finland mull joining NATO | WION

The ongoing war in Ukraine due to the Russian invasion is pushing neutral countries closer to NATO. Sweden and Finland are mulling joining NATO.

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Comment (29)

  1. Sweden & Finland, would be joining NATO military oppression alliance at it great risk and inviting instability in those two countries.
    Patrick Kolawole Boboye


  3. Nato prefer war than peace. Nato wants to divide the world Non nato countries should joined together and form an alliance,especially Asian and middle East countries, before it is too-so-late.

  4. Stop saying it as war as UK PM was happily moving in nation that is said to be at war. So all this tells one thing international media and west has done it's best to sanction Russia

  5. Finland and Sweden..will be accepted to NATO immediately .to pre-emp Russia..dirty plans against these two.Nordic countries..NATO will guarantee their safety..

  6. Finland and sweden have been happy and prosperous for too long..may be they dont want those status anymore for their future generations…very unwise.more leaders discovered to be clowns witin 😂😂😂

  7. Hopefully they do join the more the merrier could help eachother a lot more not to mention it would sure stick IT to Putin as well .

  8. Serious business if Sweden and /or Finland joins NATO. It's not so much NATO asking as it is Sweden and Finland asking.

  9. am I the only one sick of Russia,,,,LET FREEDOM RING,,,,,,,,,,,STRIKE FIRST,,,,,,,,,DONT LET THEM SET UP ON FINLANDS BOARDER LIKE UKRAINE………LETS GO,,,,,,,

  10. Remember, Finland did NOT want to be neutral. They were forced to be neutral by Russia. Why so many of Russia's neighbors try to run from Russia? Well Ukraine is the obvious reason. No one wants to be Ukraine'd

  11. Never thought that Sweden and Finland will use avada kedavra to themself.
    Why people never learn 🙄

    This increasing of gas and oil will not happen if Zelensky respect Minsk Agreement and stay neutral 🙄🙄 I hope this war is worth it for him.

  12. Finland's point of view, NATO will help secure us. From Russia point of view, Finland in NATO increases the danger to us. How to reconcile these points of view?

  13. my respect to both countries if they feel more secure by joining nato go for it ,only they know what it is to have russia as next door neighbor and only they know what russia will do if they not part of it the more the MERRIER a pack off wolf is more likely to win than a wolf alone GOOD DAY EVERYONE

  14. People are starving, attacking people with fire arms, facing uncertain future. These don't bother USA, UK, EU and NATO. They busy playing sanctions, democracy and regime change games. First game is rubbish and worthless and second one doesn't exist (all figment of imagination. Canada is the best example). Third one is undemocratic. I think the political establishments in such countries are incompetent and under qualified to understand the founding framework and meaning of democracy. Democracy in such countries are linked to musical chair – one goes and another comes whereas nothing changes for common citizens. Shameful


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