Ukrainian President calls for fresh talks with Russia to diffuse the conflict | WION

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has now entered its third month with Moscow continuing to intensify its military offensive. There seems to be no end to the conflict anytime soon and in a renewed effort to diffuse the conflict Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy calls for fresh talks with Russia

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Comment (38)

  1. USA will decide when zelensky can call a settlement. He knows he is being played about time the citizens did and deomonstrate. Zelensky doesnt care. He has cash in the bank and a 1.3 million doaalr property.

  2. Its clear the whole world hate USA..Russia didnt act right in this…but i think compassion for Ukraine is not in people's heart anymore cos they allow themselves to be manupulated by USA…kick USA the 'SNAKE' out and make your own decisions

  3. Let's not forget that the core promise of Zelensky's election program was to end the war in Donbass. If Putin hadn't intervened – the same devastation that took place in Mariupol would be taking place in Donetsk and Lugansk right now, and the Western media would be silent just like they were for the past 8 years.

  4. Zellensky will never take any decision to put an end to the war. He will escalate simply by opening his mouth.

  5. Ukrainians should save their country from decisions of this clown.. He will ask every weapon in the world and in the end lets say for arguement you win.

    Who will rebuild the entire ukraine and revive it to its origina state??? You will depend on other countries debt and be as vassal to them for foriegn interests???

  6. Now you're talking sense Mr Zeliensk Ukrainian president respect your neighborhood make peace ✌️ please 🙏 stop taking orders from NATO and America invaders have to respect Russia s power too

  7. Russia will not entertain the comedian anymore unless he comes with terms in writing! Simple cannot trust the clown

  8. Whats is root cause of this war? NATO expansion towards eastern Europe countries. Now who can stop the war? NATO, ZELENSKY or PUTIN

  9. What is the purpose of a war ????? How does it matter who wins??? Human lives are at stake !!!!! How can winning or losing be more significant than the cries of those in pain and loss !!!!!!

  10. How conveniently people all over the world sit and debate over Russia and Ukrain winning or losing , when thousands of people are in pain and suffering immense loss every moment . The leaders are not the ones facing any kind of loss or pain. They are not the ones whose abode is bombed . They get to enjoy every Sunrise and Sunset unscathed , unharmed. Even kids care for the toys they play with but the ones holding power in this world play brutally with the lives of the common , powerless ordinary citizens .

  11. It's true. The Ukrainians voted for television celebrity and comedian by heart now they get surprise joke is on them. And the joke is painful and bloody. Lesson 1: actors they perform using a script written by someone (Washington), Produced by someone (CIA) and Directed (Pentagon). The EU are cheerleaders in this instances. Zelensky his just doing his part in the Movie titled "Ukraine on Fire II". In the movie, the actor should not break character. Once a comedian always a comedian. Just like Putin said "it something else to act like someone but it's totally different to be someone". The quote is along those lines, get the gist

  12. There is no talking with Putin. He only talks to get the other side to give him something, whatever he says he will do, will not happen. He lies. All his talk is lies.

  13. Zelnesky is a puppet in the hands of USA and EU. No country in the world has benefited with USA influenced wars like Iraque, afghanistan, syria etc, this world will ends someday with the greed of USA, no doubt at all. Ukraine becomes Afghanistan in short time. Zelenesky didn't love his people, he don't want end up this war. He is really worst leader.

  14. Zelensky is lying – he refused meetings before the war. Scholz and Putin were for talks, but he wasn't. He is a dictator and war criminal. Ukainians are victims of American dirty politics. Americans want WW3.

  15. Zelensky and Biden are the most evil and selfish moron to be used by US government for his own benefits. Donald trump was smarter to deny Zelensky demand for money as he knows that Ukraine government is top 3 most corrupted government. Zelensky fabricated so many Oscar winning level footage and master piece

  16. why is zelenwaski speaking like he is demanding shit like he's the boss and the U.S. better help or else??? I'm confused as hell but I do know this that dirty grimy zelenski lucky cause if it was someone else with common sense he would be getting no weapons or money for infostructure like golly we need it here in our country THE USA SMFH…..

  17. The most epic negotiations were in the spirit of Zelensky. Picked a place for a week. “No, I don’t want to go there; it’s uncomfortable for me there; it’s not safe there, I’ll tell you the place and time later.”

  18. No one can trust Zelensky, he still an actor only and still acting as president and Directors team in US, so sad for Ukraine people

  19. Volodymyr just resign and take your corrupt staff with you and stop sacrificing your troops, teenage boys and old men so you can stay in power and get richer.


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