UN General Assembly adopts Veto draft: India calls for wider UNSC reforms | World English News

The United Nations General Assembly has now adopted a resolution that will require an explanation for exercising veto powers. Under the new mandate, every time a veto has been cast in the security council the assembly will be convened automatically within 10 working days.

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Comment (49)

  1. Yes, I do agree with my country- India's thinking, UNO should be for all countries around the world and not for only those P5. the World is now changing and not like after the end of WWII. Are we living in a Dark Ages? these so called P5 still control countries around the globe, what they say or do are alright? If all countries around the globe are not permanent members of UNO then we are not different from the so called 'Old Stone Ages'. India raised the most important issue and every countries should agree with this or no more world protecting body (UNO). USA was taking chance now Russia and who will be the next P5. If these P5 broke the rules they can walk away with it, but if India or other countries who are not permanent members did this then there are no escape and sanction will be severe…. GIVE ALL COUNTRIES OF THE WORLD THE PERMANENT MEMBERS OF THE UNO OR THE WORLD WILL BE AT WAR III.

  2. Germany and Japan should never be made permanent members of the security council because of their role in world war 2 when many people and nations suffered terribly at their hands.

  3. When the dust settles in ukraine Nobody will freely trade with india
    Yous have made your bed. Good luck with russia. But the west ukraine and all the countries helping ukraine will remember indias stance. When ukraine asked the international community for help we will all remeber how india turned there back.

  4. In 2022 ukraine asked the world for help.
    (India turned there back)
    Dont ever ask the international community for help. Ask russia or china all the best we wish yous well.

  5. Whatever India wants, deny it.
    If they want to kiss up to Russia, I say we also stop trading with India, which means first of all a ban on all of their annoying call center techs.
    Sometimes you have to pick a side and cant just take from everyone.
    Start arming and providing aid to Pakistan and fully ignore India.
    Support China on what lands they want as well.
    See how India likes this.

  6. The P5 will never give up their veto power, so the best approach is to limit the use of Veto power say to a max of 2/per country per year that too where there is a human crisis.

  7. All these so called first world countries looted resources from poor countries who are rich in natural resources, bombed and invaded poor countries

  8. If you are teaching few countries against discrimination, why can't you all give equal powers to all members?

  9. France , UK , Russia don't have influence to control geopolitical issues . France economy , Russian economy & UK economy is loosing glitter , so their defence budget. Population of France and UK is very less (also their landmass is very small). Russia economy is not even in top 15 , their defence budget is declining with economy. So UK , France , Russia don't hold any right to hold veto power in 21st century. In my opinion there should be no veto power in UNSC . If resolution pass with 2/3 majority then it should be accepted. UK and France will not top 10 economy by 2050. Russia will not enter in top 15 economy atleast for 2-3 decades.

  10. In my opinion G20 also need upgradation and changes . Only countries with minimum 2 trillion economy must be allowed to sit in any G20 summit. IMF also need major upgradation and changes.

  11. There is urgent reforms needed in UN (including WHO , UNSC , ICOJ) , WTO , G20 , G7 , IMF to meet current global reality.

  12. The UN is outdated, but the US does not want to give up any of it's UN influence… US is the major obstacle of a real UN reform

  13. I dont know what permanent members and non-permanent members means. Your either a member or your not. Lets face it, all these institutions have become corrupt, UN, WHO, IMF, UNESCO…

  14. Democratic Nations who believe in free world must stop these 3 Rogue Authoritarian Nation Chinaaaaaaaaaa India and Russia Who are desperately trying to undermine democratic institutions and globalised world order , These 3 countries are covertly working against the democratic Nations of the world , US , UK , Australia Canada & Europe and rest of the Asian countries , To establish themselves as Disruptive Powers and introduce their version of Marxist Communist New World Order 🌎

  15. India hasn't proven they deserve any extra rights/responsibilities, considering how they have coddled Russian aggression. The UN needs reforms, respecting history, current realities, and best practices… but most countries are useless.

  16. Vote value system based on the population of a country too should be introduced.
    India with 135 crores population and some countries with few lakhs population how can the vote value be same . ?????

  17. India should give notice and should quit UN and sister organisations if India is not given a permanent seat in UNSC. A stable democracy , representing 1/6th of humanity ,major contributor to UNPKF, 5-6th biggest economy deserves it as a matter of right and equity.

  18. India's proposal, though very tempting is not a practical possibility. The simple reason for this lies in the UNC itself. Article 108 and 109 in particular. These provisions state that should the members want to amend the charter (chapter vii defines the powers of the UNSC), the p5 all have to agree. So, if one disagrees, no amendments can be made to chapter Vii on SC powers or just the charter in general. Clearly, this would never happen as the p5 would not willingly give up their veto powers. Especially now with the west banding against Russia, it will always use its veto to block any amendments. That is why they have to resort to a UNGA resolution.. No binding power, basically just a firm talking to to a defaulting state.
    The more interesting question here is that the p5 has disappointed the world with the use of its veto against international crimes and criminals so, now the fact that this conflict is the one thing that shakes up the p5 is very telling of how euro-centric this system is.

  19. Bs. Britain and France are still more powerful than other non permanent countries.

    Britain, France and United Kingdom? Perhaps he meant United States.

  20. They should ban the veto, and go off the majority of votes. Russia has a long history of abusing their vetoes, it needs to stop!

  21. Why not dissolve the UN and come up with a more modern and most importantly non-biased and fair version of an international body. France may have been a power back in the day, but isn't Germany more powerful than France? ( at least in the next couple of months) And the UK should not be considered more powerful than India.

  22. thanks to India for pushing for a reform, I just don't get why not abolish veto power completely and why leave special status to the five members.


  24. Let's translate. India wants to be a permanent member with a veto. If India had the ability to veto, it would suddenly discover that the veto is essential for the UN to function.

  25. The un is undemocratic, bias corrupt organisation influenced once by rich USA and now china
    The non veto members are great fools
    Supporting veto power of five permanent
    The New UN must be organised and formed
    Without veto power and only for democratic nations or dissolve the body
    The china, Russia veto power communist countries both are invader, encroacher and expansionists but the impotent and balless
    un can do nothing
    The genocide of Thamils In Sri Langka
    No action till now because influenced by
    Veto power nation

    Hope almighty create a earth quake in NY
    demolize UN completely

  26. I think UN needs reforms badly. World changed sense WW2. Voting system of UN is a joke! Because of that UN became powerless.

  27. Histories already proved that America and NATO are the enemies of the world. They are hypocrites in genocide massacres in many countries as they like. Those countries who are being bullied, bombed and had their innocent people killed must join forces together with China, Russia, India, Iran, North Korea, other Asian countries, African states, Middle East countries and most South American countries to act as International Police to apprehend any foreign spies, especially the CIA, NED and war criminals who started the instigation and conflicts. Once these people are exterminated Peace will only shine forever.
    Do not be a weakling by being corrupt leaders who can be easily bribed to betray one's people and suppressed by western powers as useless leaders.
    Wake up, don't be a spineless weak leader anymore.

  28. It's high time USA analyse the great concern about india lack of human right and conflicts in religion values. Perhaps this should put them in place


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