UN Secretary General Guterres meets Putin during his visit to Moscow amid Ukraine war | WION

UN Secretary-General Guterres is in Moscow to find a common ground to help civilians amid the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine. Now, he met with Russian President Putin.

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Comment (38)

  1. Seriously, stop calling this a 'war' or 'invasion'. It is neither. Putin said it is only a "special military operation" and he would not deceive us.

  2. Zelenskyy's folly was that he didn't realize that NATO had used him as a pawn to provoke and frame Russia, to go to war. The US and UK will do whatever it takes to keep the war going, therefore, the Ukraine war can only end with the dissolution of NATO.

  3. The Ukraine war is NATO's dirty play as an entry point for isolating and weakening Russia as NATO's main rival by imposing sanctions that could last forever as in Cuba. Russia is expected to soon become a weak Pariah state, as Biden said.

  4. Western countries still maintain NATO to fulfill their ambition of becoming the Sole Ruler of the World. It is proven by the way NATO treats peace-loving countries, namely with violence, intimidation, sanctions and even threats against countries that do not comply with its will.

  5. NATO is an obsolete concept left over from World War 2 which should have also disbanded after the collapse of the Soviet Union and today still relies on its troop numbers and combat equipment, even though in nuclear war all that is meaningless.

  6. Supplying arms to Ukraine๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ฆ, is escalating and prolonging the war.

  7. There is no peace with the Beast only a regrouping of his forces and finances for future attacks. Just to let you know. He can't change his nature only Christ can do that. Christ is not a murderer of children that's how you know Christ is not with him at all none.

    What a depraved mind he has. To think he could kill children and be right with Christ at the sametime.

    Think about it would you take 500 children put them in a swimming pool then with a machine gun shoot them all down at the same time? God forbid it's an Abomination unto God and it's going on as we speak. Next it will be a 1000 and so forth not sane. Putin has a depraved mind he has gone insane.

  8. choose the right leader We Indonesia is an example for you. didn't your old brother russia free you from the crimes of nazi germany 1944. don't be rude. think about how you are being pitted against each other by Washington and their allies. I support Russia because Mr. Putin understands Palestine, you forget about it and that's a fact you ignore, right?
    chen chen army is far superior to garda azov nazi ukraine. Don't you realize the quality of your guard is so low. there's been a lot of ammunition for you guys, still you lose, ukraine. You guys are flattered about America's policy from 2014 of its supremacy to make Ukraine bravely oppose Russia. Until Ukraine fell apart into a disintegrating state, you were only united by the fear of the National Battalion. you no longer exist as a united nation


  9. Like many of you, I watched the events unfolding in eastern Europe overnight with deep concern for the people of Ukraine, as well as a growing anger at this affront to peace and order on the international stage. An unprovoked attack on a sovereign nation is a troubling development, the likes of which we have not seen in generations; we likely have not yet seen the worst human consequences of this act of brutality.

  10. UN is voicing what US wanted to say. Already russia said whomever wanted to surrender will not be harmed. UN should ask the Ukranian soldiers in astov to voluntarily surrender and then we can safely rescue civilians. None of the Ukranian soldier's should escape in the cover of civilians. Now Ukraine is suffering with lack of soldiers who are stuck in Steel plant.

    Best win-win situation would be,

    1. Intermediately stop the economic sanctions and release russian assets. Get Russia back on SWIFT.

    Let russia recover their settlements and assets.

    2. Ask Ukraine & Russia to stop for an intermediate period until the civilians evacuated.

    3. Have the peace talk between both leaders and then decide what works for peace. That would keep the US mouth shut.

  11. The UN has past its sell by date and needs reconstituting somehow. Members should be asked to sign up to a legally binding agreement of a reduction of nuclear weapons to NIL; Agree to non-invasion of a sovereign country and only peaceful resolution; this would preclude Russia immediately under Putin; world sanctions would be automatically triggered and not allowed to be vetoed. if they do not agree then kick them off the UN. This would The whole point of the UN was to prevent the chance of a second world war – something it is failing spectacularly at.

  12. The talks with Putin is useless, his mind is made up to conquer Ukraine
    To The US and NATO open your eyes ( it's conquer or be Conquered)

  13. UN Secretary don't eat,drink anything served.Cautious not to touch anything coz you could be Poison.Friendly advice.

  14. If you see the disaster in Ukraine and then meet with Putin, and if you see the disaster later, the concentration of the talk will be different.
    I think that the expectation for the Secretary-General is to stop the ceasefire and aggression, so if the reality of the field is not ahead, I think that the way of putting power into words will be different.
    .. Is the Secretary-General really willing to ceasefire and stop the invasion?
    I think he should have taken action sooner if he had one. Ukraine is already in a state of destruction. Anyway it's slow.
    The useless UN organization has now lost credibility to the world, and in the end it is all about sneaking up on Russia, the invader's power.
    The incompetent and useless United Nations should be dismantled.

  15. Hate him or love him. Putin remains a big boss. The so called UN Secretary talks with fear to Putin wondering what might happen next

  16. "Many countries around the world did this, including our Western opponents, with Kosovo. Many states recognised Kosovo. It is a fact that many Western countries recognised Kosovo as an independent state. We did the same with the Donbass republics. After that, they asked us to provide them with military assistance to deal with the state that launched military operations against them. We had the right to do so in full compliance with Chapter VII, Article 51 of the UN Charter." V.Putin

  17. "A similar problem emerged in south-eastern Ukraine, where the residents of several territories, at least, two Ukrainian regions, did not accept the coup dโ€™รฉtat and its results. But they were subjected to very strong pressure, in part, with the use of combat aviation and heavy military equipment. This is how the crisis in Donbass, in south-eastern Ukraine, emerged.

    As you know, after another failed attempt by the Kiev authorities to resolve this problem by force, we arrived at the signing of agreements in the city of Minsk. This is what they were called โ€“ the Minsk Agreements. It was an attempt to settle the situation in Donbass peacefully.

    To our regret, during the past eight years the people that lived there found themselves under a siege. The Kiev authorities announced in public that they were organising a siege of these territories. They were not embarrassed to call it a siege although initially they had renounced this idea and continued military pressure.

    Under the circumstances, after the authorities in Kiev actually went on record as saying โ€“ I would like to emphasise that the top state officials announced this in public โ€“ that they did not intend to fulfil the Minsk Agreements, we were compelled to recognise these regions as independent and sovereign states to prevent the genocide of the people living there. I would like to reiterate: this was a forced measure to stop the suffering of the people living in those territories.

    Unfortunately, our colleagues in the West preferred to ignore all this. After we recognised the independence of these states, they asked us to render them military aid because they were subjected to military actions, an armed aggression. In accordance with Article 51 of the UN Charter, Chapter VII, we were forced to do this by launching a special military operation." V.Putin

  18. I like WION because its unbias but there are too many indians supporting this invasion in opposite on their Government stance of neutrality. India is one country that experience bullying from China same with my country. Its people should realize the situation and relate to the UKR people. Sadly they're some just looking for their gains in Russian hardware and gas. Loyalty should end when morals are confilicting. Or atleast follow what was your government presenting to the world.

  19. Hope he did not eat or drink anything there .Nothing would surprise me if gets sick after taking anything from this.maniac .

  20. UN secretary general meeting Putin for what ? The US, NATO and their allies must first withdraw their military support to UKRAINE before any diplomatic talk ; why didn't he do this at first and now that many things have been destroyed and thousands of lives have lost , what a hypocrisy?

  21. Stay strong Russia, stay strong Putin.
    Many country africa, asia, south america stand with Russia.
    Glory to africa, asia, south america, russia, india, china.

  22. Yep 'Tonio, you are 8 years too late, ol chap. And to be straight, the UN is but a toothless lion without b..lls, it is but a rubberstamp institution for rich Western countries to impose sanctions on countries they don't like…what have you done about Israel/ Palestine, Afghanistan, Yemen etc…


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