Uncovering True Biblical History: New Series coming Soon!

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  1. Thank you for that, I can’t wait to see your findings. And compare notes. My wife and I fellowship with you and your wife all the time. Every sabbath. My wife and I would like to have a yashar’el wedding. We are going to do so soon. If any of my brothers or sisters out there. Know of someone who could marry us. That’s in the Bay Area of Oakland, California. Please contact me Tajbala at thojjbala44@gmail.com . Shalawan my brothers and sisters.

  2. Could You Guys Please Respond??? BOUGHT Some Merchandise online From You All, And I Called Several Times No Call BACKS, Just Tried to Email U All Privately and it was Rejected or Bounced ,What's Going on Family ??? Just Wanted a Dialogue or Feedback of Some Type, To Let a Brother Know All is Well and Yes U Will Receive Your Merchandise, But I know what's Good @ This, So Please Respond, Cause it's a Terrible to Talking Business on the Sabbath at that of Any sort, Shalom! ( Virtue , Inc . Recp.# 5134-48349862-2030 )

  3. Oh wow this is amazing I can't wait to see this I love the white out series I've learned so much I'm glad ur doing another series I always learn so much about history on ur platform thank u so much for delivery the truth to us I appreciate u ❤❤❤🙏🏾

  4. I love the Whited out series I own 3 and I'm getting the others very soon. Your teachings add color to history and makes it so very interesting enough to the point where my grand daughter who is 9 is now showing an interest. APTTMH for you and your beautiful family and the hard work you put in for us Yisrael.

  5. I can't wait for this, u and your family have been a blessing to mine as well as countless others, may the blessing from the most high touch all of us. Thank you


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