Understanding and Balance cancels out confusion


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  1. This How the Scriptures is : Rauch to Yahushua HaMaschaich The Rauch is counting on Yahushua and the Father to fulfill at the end to bear witness in what the Rauch spoke and written from the Father through the prophets the "Rauch is Waiting on the Son and Father to bear witness to truth " its been "written" it been "spoken" now Bearing witness to truth is the Work to fulfill " I come do my Father Will" the Rauch will be upon the Mashiach on that Day to do His father Will at the end bearing witness to All truth

  2. The Rauch doing His part by🔊 speaking and writing 📝 on What Elohim is Saying Yahushua HaMaschaich is the Fulfillment by bearing witness to The Rauch" like okay i have to do this here " okay i have to slain people with my sword because it's written and spoken by the Rauch i have to own up to this i have to make it come true by bearing witness i am the Truth i bear the Truth

  3. Rauch written & Spoke 📝 Truth and Yahushua HaMaschaich say He is Truth and now He have to bear the Truth (Bear) Carry it by fulfilling it (Bear) owing up to the Truth. Are you the One?

  4. the only thing about the shepherd of hermas I believe he is talking about the scripture that said you can have 1 business and will not turn away from yahuah……

  5. Shalom Achky, great lesson Sir.
    I was really struggling with this and here you come with the word that I needed to rightfully discern how to go about dealing with different books.
    HalleluYah, The Most High YAH always have a ram in the bush. Shalom Shalom.

  6. I deleted my notification to a particular YouTuber. After watching a few of his videos I noticed his demeanor and personality did not seem right according to the way that he spoke to others. I noticed that he is building a cult. (When he mentioned the fact that men would be having sex with multiple women.) an right now they are looking for land to buy . 🙁

    Thank you as I continue to read an pray for understanding

  7. Shalom brother and sister love you guys, I have a question what do you of the book of Mormon? Just asking I see something's on youtube we you think.

  8. Shalom and greetings in the name of the Most High YAH! I pray that ABBA will continue to shower you with His truths, and guide you in how to help His chosen people. the scriptures is not a religious book. it is a Qodesh book that contains a valuable instructions for ABBA's people. to teach us, how to live our lives according to His will. ABBA should be the first love in our lives. And I can truly say: that I am happy! in the midst of any situations, because i make Him my first, and foremost, in my life. thank you brother watchman and sister Deborah, for the love you have shown to ABBA! and our people. Halleluyah!!!🙌👀🙌💕💙

  9. Watchman thats like when I heard of the books on Barnabas back in 2017. I looked up the difference between the Gospel of Barnabas and the Epistle of Barnabas. I found comfort in the Epistle reading that it said to be 2nd century while the Gospel was said to be around the 1600's. I just finished the Epistle aweek or so ago and there was some good things in it that a line with scripture. I try to be cautious because these traps have caused pretty smart brothers and sisters to fall away. I keep in mind the fact that I've been healed knowing the name of YAH has saved me. Halleluyah

  10. May the most high continue to strengthen watchman yahu & Deborah and keep using them to bring yahs word into our minds and hearts haleluyah

  11. HalleluYah HalleluYah HalleluYah thank you thank you, may Yah continue to bless you and your family Watchman Yahu.

  12. 1 Corinthians 15:28 

    New International Version
    When he has done this, then the Son himself will be made subject to him who put everything under him, so that God may be all in all

    The Son bringing the Sheep ( the Lost) the ones He created for Glory back to Elohim so The Father through His Son will be complete in His Son because the Son is doing Yahuah work the Scriptures will be finish through His Son so Yahuah can be in All in All the Angels, the Son, and the children of the Resurrection in their new bodies meaning every body is Holy now its finished

  13. Yalls vids are not the only one acting up i found out that there is more having the same problem but its attacking more that teaching the word. I bind satin in the name of yah!!!

  14. with Yah in our lives we have balance but knowing who we are cancels out a lot of confusion and bs that people will try to come to us with but i feel understanding is something that we gain over time. I pray for all of you HalleluYah and shalom family


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