Understanding the battIe within: EviI and Good at W A R inside of you.

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  1. I’ve watched a bunch of your battle within videos and this one is the best one yet!!! Given away gold for free

  2. Peace Family and thank you for your uplifting work! when you were talking about why moses could not enter the promise land i remembered the scripture John 1:17 the law came by Moses but Grace and Truth came by Yehoshua also means joshua in hebrew. and through Christ aka Grace and truth cause Yehoshua said I am the truth He is the only way to enter into the kingdom/promise land today.

  3. Kan kan Akan Ashanti in the building. We must depend on Christ to help us defeat this sinful flesh. Good message

  4. Shalom and Blessings, I have recently heard that the New Testament was written by the Piso family and that it's a book to cause confusion among us. What is your take on this brother. Jeremiah 6:16 teaches us to follow the old path (Old Testament), which is the good way. What is your take on this Brother?

  5. It is awesome, amazing, wonderful, a blessing, ect…to see how Yah is working through His Spirit! Believe it or not many of our people are starting to move towards being on one accord I see it in the studies I watch from several Youtubers nearly the same message focused on the things of the Ruach! Praise TMH for His Ruach & the gifts that come with it!

  6. Loved the musical praise worship in the beginning. I was right there with you all, Family. Sister Deborah I hear you with that beautiful vibrato, Praise Yah…..Shalom

  7. This Video is so powerful, I thank The MostHigh for leading me to it!

    I’m truly appreciative to you both,

    All Praises To The MostHigh 💯🔥🙏🏽

  8. Awesome teaching by the grace of Yah, one of the best I’ve heard to illustrate the carnal against the spiritual, the old man against the new man. This is truly a blessing and have blessed me greatly.

  9. Watchman Reports is it possible for you to tell me the actual bible that you are reading from? I noticed when sister Deborah read the scripture she used the original names. I have been looking for a bible that reads that way. I would appreciate if you will share that with me. Thanks.

  10. Who that black guy suppose to be with the image of two people boxing on his four head and his face look so upset that what's he always have on his mind is fighting and his face is always upset like some kind of animal who that is.

  11. It’s just crazy hearing this lesson. I’ve been in the process or self healing/ consciously create a new version of myself, or a version of myself that’s in its true authentic self and this isn’t spiritual. But it’s still similar in the aspect of the results of it being me breaking old patterns, behaviors, habits, and basically renewing my mindset to be where I want/need for my own peace and comfort. And so that I can carry myself differently in a positive way and be happy with myself and my life, and to attract positive things, positive people and opportunities. But I’m still stuck and struggling when it comes to my salvation and my relationship with yah, but little did I know I just need to acknowledge the triggers or restraint when it comes to the word and push through and break the cycle so that I won’t be only halfway in with only my mind, and this work I’m putting in for this is basically what I did in the fleshly aspect. Because I know I want this, but my heart was always troubled. Thank you watchmen you helped me find some answers, now I just need to put in the work ❤️🙏🏽

  12. Greetings & Shabbat Shalom family, I am trying to follow along in scripture I have “JPS Hebrew English Tanakh” I just intuitively chose that book because I was so confused when trying to purchase my first book, even after researching. When I try to follow along in scriptures that you are reading, my chapters are not matching up at all in Tanakh or Cepher app. May I please ask what you are reading from? Do you have a link to the exact book that I could purchase? I even got confused on the Cepher website. I do not innerstand th difference between Tanakh, Torah, and then there’s a book that says just CEPHER on th cover. Do you speak on this in any of your videos? or do you have any videos for beginners? Also, I noticed Tanakh does not include book of Enoch. Anyhow, I first discovered your channel through those meditation videos & Halleluyah I hit the jackpot! I am so happy Yah guided me here! Sending love & gratitude to you and yours. Thank you so much for creating this channel.

  13. Shalom Family I can honestly say that EVERY Lesson seems like the Best one Ever!!! MUCH LOVE!! PRAISE YAH!! HALLELUYAH!!!

  14. Shalom Peace & Love, Finally!! Half way through the Video and Im Saying Yesss EXACTLY!!! We're in our Own Way, Flesh waring against the Spirit. Enemy WITHIN You, Hashatan is NOT One Man!! Its Many men and The Mind, ( thoughts) is the KEY! The Power ( TMH) is Within!! To Get Out! This is why I FOLLOW SPIRIT NOT MAN ANYMORE!! Yahushua ( john 3-12) if ( you don't believe earthly things how will you BELIEVE SPIRITUAL THINGS)


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