United States: Mass shooting in Carolina leaves 14 injured, police detains 3 armed men| English News

Gun violence continues to plague America, the recent incident took place on April 16th where nine people were shot and five others were injured in a shooting at a shopping mall in south Carolina.

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Comment (41)

  1. People would be shocked to know our founding fathers in America had duels against each other.

    The problem is there is mental imbalance amongst many people and no one cares to address this

  2. Look at the underlying systemic causes. Eternal war, constant increasing financial stress, fear, hatred, and divisive rhetoric. People in America are breaking under stress. As someone who has traveled this country extensively, as an outsider looking in, I have seen what is happening with my own eyes. Obesity, violence, suicide, …, are the problems of a people facing constant stress.

    – I have been to more American towns and cities than anyone that I have ever met.

  3. God will continue poolishing America.. Since they dont want to mind theyre business.. Came on the way frm America to arrest my innocent friends in South Africa for extradition to US..

  4. More blacks shooting people while blacks BLM the dems leaders lie & say white racism is a problem in America.. .Shame on you.

  5. I'm glad everyone has cell phones so we can really see the failures of our nation our government is doing nothing and there are so many people just getting rich off of all this shit. We don't live in a democracy we never did and our parents have sold our future to the billionaire and now it's just a shooting gallery great job boomers

  6. Well it sounds like you shouldn't be going to malls… Taking part in consumerism right now might get yourself killed. I mean that's all Americans care about is material crap they don't care about the environment they don't care about each other this place sucks it's takin me my whole life to realize I don't like living here. I placed the blame where it belongs in America and I'm on my way out

  7. No Indians should talk of human rights for to much hate crime is going on in India even at this hour Hanuman jayanti procession wth a sword in their hands has ended into a street fight.

  8. As an Indian, I am also deeply concerned about gun violence in America, it's high time US concentrates on internal issues.

  9. More and more US citizens are becoming mentally ill every day… this is concerning for a citizen of democratic India….

  10. America has become a country of Maniacs n psychos shooting indiscriminately. Its becoming a habit n a disease without cure. Blinken better seriously introspect and look inwards instead of lecturing us n rest of the World on human rights issues. Terrible gun violence and mass shootings has been plaguing USA πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ since 1980s.

  11. Nevermind Ukraine…

    And those polticians still crying about another countries issues, send them and their family to fight their!

  12. Lol we see our suppose leaders acting like savages and killing each other on the world stage… but expects the citizens to act and live by some made up morals they choose to propagate.

  13. Just a few notes. Contrary to media reports. gun crime, and come in general has been decreasing for decades, the crime rate, and violence rates are far below the crime rates, and violence rates which peaked in the 1990s. crime, in general, has been steadily decreasing for 30 years in the US ( according to Federal Bureau of Investigation crime statistics)

    90% or more of gun violence in the US is committed using Illegal firearms, either stolen, illegally acquired or in the hands of people who are not legally allowed to have guns. Most gun violence is directly related to criminal activity,, drug/alcohol is often involved, and mostly occurs in our 12 major cities. to Legally purchase a firearm from a dealer buyers must pass a federal criminal background check. and it is illegal to supply guns to anyone not legally allowed to have them. You can get sentenced to FEDERAL prison if you knowingly supply a firearm to anyone not legally allowed to have them.

  14. This should be labeled gang violence, not a mass shooting. Calling it a mass shooting just calls for the democrats to call for more gun control. Gang violence usually doesn't involve a legal way of obtaining a gun to begin with


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