Unrepentant sins cause spiritual weakness – Let us truly repent today before Judgment falls

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  1. Hello, people can be extremely vindictive and hurtful, they will go through great lengths to try to destroy you when in reality, they are the one's who are being guided by satin, beliar, demons, etc.  Sad…  We all have a life walk with The Most High, and we have to focus and do our best, for our own PERSONAL SALVATION (we will all be judged individually when the time comes).  For people to try to "expose" other people, these people have to look at themselves.  Our personal/familial life walk is strictly our own and should not be anyone else's business or concern.  It is unfortunate that you had to deal with the actions of Yisreal who were acting like heathens toward you.  This is why we must be careful of others, even Yisreal who are our own.

  2. Love ❤️ y'all , Thank s for sharing your time ( Shabbat) with us !👏🏾🤷🏾‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🙋🏽💡

  3. I have a question though because some people sin..and dont know and ask a sin to be revealed and i am never condemned..convicted but i have not yet..

  4. I enjoy the Praise Music. I hear all the parts. I sing in the choir. Yes, I be wondering about a lot of the songs in the choir book,lol. I be singing Yah a lot of times when we're singing . They never say nothing to me either. Your praisers have me singing along too.

  5. We are suppose to follow the New Testament, for one reason is. Cus we are living in the times of those Scriptures. If ppl don't recognize were living in those last days. ""As the Days of Noah. And The New Testament harmonizes with The Old Testament. Did I hear a Rooster Crowing? I could live where y'all live.

  6. We not suppose to up hold ppl in their sin. But, isn't the Church guilty of that. As a matter of fact. Church accepts it. Seems like. Because they never address the sin. Not like the Pastor's from my youth. If our hearts are not prick. We will be, well I'll be comfortable in my sin. Like most church folks are. That's why we have to read The Holy Word. So we will be convicted, from Yah's Holy Word. And be inspired to change from our evil ways. We are not suppose to entertain or hang out with evil ppl. Are be friends with them. We'll end up getting corrupted. Thinking that it's alright. That's what has happened to Gospel Music. The Gospel Artist performing in Satan's alter. And collaborating with Unclean Artist, and I'm speaking of the way they live. Fred Hamon-Snoop, Tasha Cobb-Niki Menige. That's like trying to get Sweet and Bitter water from the same fountain. You know that won't happen. Another good lesson. Shalom.

  7. I really enjoyed that The Spirits of Trinity Lesson. We know we're not supposed to wallow in those spirits. But it's natrual to feel those spirits. But, The Sherppard of Hemmas, set the record straight.

  8. Time, dose heal Debora. And some wounds are deeper than others. And I think that's why they take longer to heal. But in time it's amazing how they do heal. How it hurts lesser and lesser. When you lose a love one in death that's needs some deep healing for me. This is not an easy walk "The Walk With Yehusha". Now I see why they call it the Narrow and many don't make it through. You have to read Yah's Holy Word. So you will stay in Mashiach's fold. When I get full of so much knowledge, I feel strained. I always go back to The Scriptures. And I feel better. It's like a double dose of feel better. You tap back in to Yeshusa Peace and Joy. It's amazing how the Word works when you Walk In THE RUACH. We have to ask The Father to help us to repent. Sometimes you can't do on your own. You need your Saviour. That's why we have one you. It's good to encourage one another. We are suppose to. And I see why. Especially if you the only one in the family woke. A lot of Israelites are going to that. Yah, gave Moses those Laws to us. And when He gave Moses those laws. We we're all one dark color. He gave Moses the 2nd Commandment for us. For us Israelites to love one another. Moses even ask the Israelites why they fight each other. Why they don't love each other like other Nations. He noticed how the Egyptians loves and treated each other. We are no nicer, a lot of times towards other nations than we do each other. The Most High,hates how we treat each other. That's why they gave us that law. I see now, that only Yah is gonna be able to deliver us period. From the Enemy, from ourselves mainly. And I want beeven talk about Esau and how he be treating us, and turning us on each other. We not only talk to much, we don't listen. And we jealous hearted of each other . When we should be glad for each other. That's why The Father tells us not to be jealous when other have things that we don't have or want. We should be looking at our blessings Instead of others.

  9. I been up since 4am watching your channel its 8am in Texas right now.. you guys are so informative and straight the point.. you guys channel really guides & helps me when im studying everything yall do is a family thing & i love it 💕 .. shalom to my people

  10. Daily repentance is an excellent way to deal with our thoughts that we need to take into captivity, our actions, and unrighteous judgement toward others. As a family within our home it's the ideal thing to do to sit down amongst one another confess of those things that are not of the Most High. Direct each other back to His truth (the word). In doing so we can help one another and hold each other accountable. Thank you so much for this message because it does start at home. HalleluYah!

  11. Jeremiah 17:9-10 Im in agreement. Being senseless is very very dangerous. Its same thing with being dry and this is a struggle with mankind daily….

  12. @ Watchman Reports I have a question if we in the truth now and been for a min. And are keeping the Commandments best of our ability. But sometimes we slip or get tempted but we repent and stay away. Does Hebrews 10:26 still apply because it seems like if you break one Commandment no matter what you cant be saved. Is that what it is saying ?

  13. You cannot hide sin it must be exposed. YAHUSHA said he did nothing in secret. You don’t allow people to fall into a ditch or to be mislead by people who use them for their personal gain. Yes you expose these people. As long as you don’t lie on the person you warn people about. If a man abuse my child should not I warn everybody that this man is a child abuser who is an Israelite so don’t leave him alone with your child. He should be openly exposed. Yah predestined every person that’s going to be saved and no one can stop that.

  14. The scripture that says Woe To those who scatter my sheep is talking about people that sit themselves up as spiritual leaders who don’t preach or teach the truth of Yah causing people to follow false doctrines so they fall away from the fold. However, Yah place them under righteous leaders because they’re predestined to be saved.

  15. You are so right, my assembly that I thought I belonged to, took me off their email list, because I watched another teachers teaching that used to be part of that assembly.

    Now being in the truth 2 years now, all I have seen is Hebrew Israelite's attacking each other more than the Heathen's!


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