Unstable, Disoriented, Delusional and Feigned in your walk

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Comment (29)

  1. Hey Watchman.. Do women supposed to get up and work as the man should? Or take care of home? Im lost on the subject

  2. It's the holy Sabbath I'm just try share truth I listen yal because I know yal holyspirit annointed me too don't try silence a brother in Christ I don't care your color I consider u my bro reach out please I'm hurt I look up to yal smh

  3. I was trying share a message on the sabbath that's important because Hebrew isrealites are getting a bad rap cause some speak hatred rather than mercy lot people I try share truth don't want believe african american are isreal especially if they been called Esau and all white people are pretty much condemned hate can come in all shades of color I'm trying preach truth that bring rest world closer to each other so we can come to isreal defense my heritage is mixed but I got a white title even though I'm dark as u I grew up in poverty no silver spoon nor privaledge or special treatment I have a messiah yes he was a black man but my king and I'm his if I be a slave it's already a willingness of mine to serve my master in on another level brother than most I feel isilolated from world shunned because I believe truth I keep the laws commandments statutes and sabbath holy best of my ability and teach others like wise I was drawn to yal because the Holyspirit that dewll in yal same spirit dwells in me yal cut me off it hurt I know I went of topic but I felt holyspirit put it on my heart to make comments I made they were not negative nor lies truthi know how white people can be it makes me sick reason I fell more comfortable around black people but those people were indoctrinated through generations of deception like everyone else my linage did not come from the monsters that enslaved your people and I would died to defend them I would for u today if had to I stand against evil especially horrific things happened African Americans I just know we serve same master we on same team I want to keep following yal but do u even except me just because I got a bs title such as Caucasian which means nothing this race crap was created to keep us divided

  4. Anyway still love yal wished could share what I've learned maybe u can school me but it be honor speak to u Brother watchman reports you and miss Deborah have a wonderful blessed Sabbath Shabbat Shalom

  5. Shabbat Shalum! Thank you so much for this message beloved DeborahYAH and WatchmanYAHU ! I pray ABBA YAHUAH continues to BARAK you and your household more in YAHUSHA HA MASHIAK where ever your feet touches the soil! Tudah for The RUKH HA QADUSH of YAHUAH AL ALYUN! All ESTEEM to ABBA YAHUAH HA GADOL! BARUK B-SHAM QADUSH YAHUAH!!!!!!!


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