Sound speech, that cannot be condemned; that he that is of the contrary part may be ashamed, having no evil thing to say of you. Titus 2:8

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  1. Yes have heard this was old wives tale even used babies urine to clear up rash on babies face . Babies urine in uterus is not contaminated it is a closed system every thing is done through the umbilical cord . We are wonderfully made and birth is a miracle.

  2. This science is for the nations not of the sons of Adam, even the baby process I don't believe nothing their say, they have no truth within them. We have the Rauch which made Us different from the nations and the beast of the field…

  3. If you think that’s weird doctors have experimented with stool implantation of family members to patients with C- difficille to cause a healthy flora to stop the constant diarrhea.

  4. You know what about 2 years ago I got a back injury, and as a weightlifter it really depressed me. I couldn't bend or walk properly and couldn't train. I started researching what to do as I was desperate to lift again. I came across urine therapy, a few people were saying it helps all types of ailments and when I saw Dr Sebi say he drank his own urine and it cured him I was convinced to do it. But when I went to try it, I just couldn't🤢🙅🏽‍♀️ I kept thinking; everytime I talk to people I'm gunna be piss mout 😩😂😂😩😩. I tried to get the courage on several occasions and couldn't. Let me now watch this video and see what my brother in Christ has to say about it 😩😂

  5. We must confirm what are the kidneys? And what is urine? The kidneys are advanced filters. Urine is waste. Sure it has "minerals" those are ither excess minerals your body does not need or minerals that have been used by the body systems and discarded. Urine also contains toxins" bacterias" viruses" . I strongly advise against Urine therapy. There are many others ways to balance" strengthen" and alkaline the body.
    Invitro "urine" is recycled amniotic fluid and sterile. (Not really what we call urine). No one should be wearing perfume nor colonge. These are wicked products. Wear natural oils/herbs my brothers and sisters.

  6. Like Eddy Griffin no thanks; moreover, not even in survival mode, I will pass. I truly would have liked to caught this broadcast live because, knee slapping 👏🏾🤣 and 😬🤧🤒🥵🤢🤮

  7. If it's happening inside the mama it's by God's Almighty Grace what do we understand it or not no it's you doing it and you're not a baby? I don't know what to say about that brother

  8. Shalom family, and TCA. There is truths to that urine when it comes to cleaning your skin, because my predecessors did it and passed it down to me. So many things that we use to do we don't do them anymore, but worked for us. Didn't have all this technology but we had TMHG's Ruach leading, guiding, and directing us. Provoking Thoughts. Thank you for the message.

  9. Oh yeah! When the babies caught thrash from drinking cow's and can milk, we use the urine to clean their tongue and it cleared it up. You think there's is concentrated urine power in meds they prescribe for thrash today. Who' knows what we are eating and drinking these thoughts are blasts from the past. LOL. Oh! don't for get to pray on these things we are taking into our bodies, for real, for real.

  10. When my children were very young (5-9 yrs old)they would play outdoors and get ringworm; I would use their own urine on the infected part(s) and in 3-4 days their skin would be completely cleared.

  11. I know we are not taught to do urine therapy today but I have used my children's before when they were babies to clear thrash from their mouth, clear cradle cap, and bad rashes from family kissing my babies. I also used it for gout because no medicine would help me and I was back and forth being rushed to the hospital. I was reintroduced to it by a family member and I was desperate and the was it was explained to me I tried it. I do not do daily but I have used in the past. Physicians heal thyself. Lol

  12. Blood is the life of the body. When Yahua was talking to the man with the illness, he told him to hip himself 7 times th water that was dirty and muddy called the dead sea if I'm not wrong. If that man had not done it he would have died with the very illness he wanted to be healed of.

  13. We eat and drink tonics that our enemies give us and we just take their word of what is in the foods and meds they give us. Nitrates in pure beef skinless hot dogs 🌭. Nitrate is very dangerous for consumption.

  14. There is a point in time when we must mature beyond our ignorances & suspicions. We have no idea what substances heal the most deadly diseases, and urine could be a part of that. There are things the "enlightened ones" know that they keep from us. They hide truths, then call us ignorant. So as we discover these hidden truths, let's not prove them right.
    Urine therapy is as old as humanity, especially if the animal or human is a strict clean eater.
    Don't perpetuate the last-days blindness by knocking everything that sounds strange. Do your research, so, at least, you will be making a decision with your eyes wide open as opposed to an uninformed decision.
    Proverbs 18:13
    It is a fool who answers a matter before he hears the matter. He brings shame upon himself.

  15. That's just incredible insane
    It's liquid waste excreted from your body. You're body is getting rid of it for reason. Why would I put it back??? Next you're going to tell me it's OK to eat my own feces. Crazy 🤪


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