US bans test of space weapons, Kamala Harris calls for global agreement | World News

The United States government has committed to ending practice of anti-satellite missile test in space. The Vice President who chairs the National Space Council Kamala Harris has announced a self-imposed ban on destructive tests.

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Comment (33)

  1. Noone gives a shit. You can call on the rest of the West. I hope Russia and China especially dont sign up cuz US can never be trusted.

  2. Who are you to instruct others countries to follow the devils while your mafia war continues to expand. If US satellites had destroyed, the world would have a better place to live.

  3. Everyone should be armed through the teeth against U.S future aggression that has no honest agreement other than break the agreement! This is a waste of time! Everyone Nuke up!

  4. This means they're preparing for another major «False Flag» (like 9/11) in US or Ukraine; to blame Russian- Putin (Al-qaeda-OsamaBinLaden) for having excuse (terrorism, WMD, regime change, promot democracy, humanitarian aids) to rage war and invasion of Russia, China, Iran, etc (Afghanistan, Iraq, Sudan, Libya, Syria, etc), for their same last goal again: «Oil»!! But this time…??!!!!

  5. Can't be done Russia and china will continue producing those Rockets we will simply fall behind this race, can't trust your enemies. They always lie same as nuclear weapons Russia kepted the nuclear warhead for howitzer while USA got rid of them.

  6. Hahaha They know Russia and China are already miles ahead in this field. Imagine íf Putin will stop developing those weapons🤣

  7. There is no need to do practice tests of destroying satellites it's a pretty simple propulsion system it is pretty reckless

  8. Super power should be able to shoot a satellite down if they can't then they suck doesn't need to be tested it is reckless

  9. You better believe that if US keeps providing Ukraine with satelite infos that Russia will destroy them. Russia is already the most sanctioned country in human history, they could care less about US protest.

  10. Maybe the Aliens threatened them not to? After all, they have woken up to reality of UFOs & UAPs after all these years.

  11. lSR Blackout in space 🌌🚀looms large, since American 🇺🇸space assets guide precision strikes in the Ukraine war.
    India 🇮🇳 must not ratify this at the UNSC when it comes up…
    America on the defensive…

  12. Yes we have completed our tests.
    From now onwards, no one should do such tests.
    Thank you.
    – .The unipolar country.

  13. How about be the first country to get rid of your nuclear arms, then asking other nations to join you. America!!!

  14. Education is much needed… nations should not develop such weapons and waste money. The US should be ready to share their tech development in this field, Nations just ask the US and take the tech. Don't waste money on development.


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