US: California imposes curbs on water usage, emergency restrictions from June 1st | English News

Water crisis has hit US’ California. California has now imposed curbs on water usage. New emergency restrictions will start from June 1st.

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Comment (34)

  1. Just how much dumber is US getting by the moment? When I visited family in US 7 years ago droughts were common. Yet I remember seeing some of my friends and others using water like nothing had happened. Measures should've been taken long back.

  2. The love wars, they would rather spend billions on wars than bettering the lives of American people . AmeriKKKa was founded on bloodshed, it gorges on blood and it will die on bloodshed

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  4. the american government has a billion budget for weapons to be donated in ukraine but no budget for water supply problem… that money should be use in california water problem rather than use in war by helping ukraine

  5. They have these weather maker's that make snow and rain. Nevada and California and Arizona needs Rain like 4 inches a second for 40 day's and who cares about the outcome of that at least they will get water. So I will pray that those states include New Mexico . I will pray that these 4 states will get 4 inches a second for 40 days straight and say the meanith I give it. Pull out your boats. That will fill up all the reservoirs in every area that needs water and then some. Now don't say that's to much at one time because it's not. Plus I hope this winter of 2022 into 2023 that those mountains recieve 20,000 inches of snow. So much water it feels up the grand canyon too. I will pray for that. So shall it be. Your prayers are going to be answered and remember this post because it is the prayers that will bring rain for day's. 4 inches a second for 40 day's and 40 nights Lord Here My Prayers for these four states and for whoever else needs water and is in a drought. Lord Here My Prayers

  6. Build a dam but never sent mother nature an email for lots of rain – Oh the whales use all that ocean water for themselves no human allowed

  7. Instead of investing a lot of money in weapons USA should focus more on basic needs like water,food medical which will make this world more comfortable to live.

  8. You know if california spent its money on a new canal leading from the ocean into the state over the sediments and natural canals in the earth/region. They wouldn't have a problem with water shortages since it would create near limitless drinking water; but yes be idiots and blame climate change for incompetence.

  9. I have a lush garden in California filled with native plants that I don't need to water. Sage plants covered with flowers, oak trees, and native grass that rabbits nest under.

  10. America is under Godโ€™s sanctions for many years to come, because they killed more people on this planet. Theyโ€™ll face with many tornadoes wild fire, hurricane, water shortage and infrastructure crumbling, gun shooting

  11. Enough with blaming everything on "Climate Change!" The western part of the USA has had droughts way before "climate change" became the "IN" thing! Nothing new here folks. Move along.

  12. Southern California has been a desert for well over a century and was never, really, suited to commercial farming, even though it has been used as such since the 1930's.

  13. There is a monster called Billy Gaytes into climate change and weather manipulation….just saying!


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