US-China faceoff over Taiwan strait: US' missile destroyer sailed through Taiwan strait | WION

In a latest faceoff between US & China over Taiwan strait, US’ missile destroyer sailed through Taiwan strait. US has now clarified on warship sailing.

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Comment (28)

  1. U.S should not send their Destroyers fleet in Taiwan straits !

    It should not be there .

    Go home !

    For what ?

    Spying , Mapping Territory in China Straits with Taiwan .

    Freedom of Navigation every month and days ?

  2. Nothing unusual. China doing chinese things.

    Sailing through every waters and shouting "mine"

  3. China, If you didnt understand the reality of going into business with the west then you need to tell the world you are wrong and will change your ways and take all 1.4 billion people back to 2476 years in the past

  4. If you are using a Samsung phone, or LG TV or most electronics that use microchips – that is because South Korea exists. If North Korea successfully invaded the South. The entire Korea would be a hermit state. There would be no K-pop or BTS. There would be starving Koreans bowing to a dictator that wants nuclear bombs.

  5. NOT OUR WAR!!!!
    These demonic rats running our country are going to get babylon (usa) nuked. Wait and see.

  6. WWIII is already ongoing, we are merely in the spin up phase. I hereby recuse myself from the human race as I want no part of it. Much more fun to compete with each other on having the best living conditions and the most freedoms, best tech, etc. That is a war everyone wins.

  7. Kindergarten…grown adults who want to play with toys and scream in the sand box when they don't get their way. Will this world ever grow up?!?!?

  8. China should sail 2 x 055 & other support craft to USA sea . I don’t think USA will be angry they might pees on their pants as that old man is way weak to wage another war

  9. Who provides the US defense contractors all critical microchips? Taiwan
    Who provides the US auto industry critical microchips? Taiwan

  10. We never recognized the "one china" policy. We dont care if were breaking rules in your fantasyland map

  11. "We will by no means allow" China, a country of fools. Who are they to say who can use international waters ? ? The nerve of these losers. To me, they represent over a billion Rodney Dangerfield lookalikes ! ! ! ! HAHAHAHAHA ! ! They too were hoping for a completely different end to the war in the Ukraine. NATO and US alliance is the last thing they wanted to see ! !

  12. USA using other countries to fight proxy war for them🤧. Ukraine frightening Russia for USA and Tiwan will be doing same at the cost of their civilian, whereas far far away USA will be enjoying all this🙄 as USA will remain No1. and strongest country without fighting any battle, USA got very sly strategy indeed 😠


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