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US President Joe Biden announced an additional $800 million in military assistance to Ukraine, expanding the scope of the systems provided to include heavy artillery ahead of a wider Russian assault expected in eastern Ukraine.

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Comment (40)

  1. Instead of more and more guns how about some humanitarian aid like food and medicine? OH wait Russia has that covered. Daily Russia is bringing food and medicine to the people in Ukraine. Wion why do you not cover that story??? Oh wait that would go against your western doctrine agenda you sold out to.

  2. When Conservative American says that they need guns to protect themselves from their government, i think they are saying truth. US government gives off dystopian movie vibes.

  3. I wonder how many homeless Americans could be housed with 800 million? How many meals could that provide for our homeless?

  4. Zelensky wants victims so that he can garner support for his war. Why not surrender like France in WW2? Save towns & soldiers lives

  5. Escalate, escalate….that's the order of the Military Industrial Complex… Course their will be Misery associated with That, but we Want ..Our .

  6. Looks like US is prolonging the war and suffering of the Ukranians. The defence contractors would be delighted.

  7. all these aid money coming from taxpayers. Money goes into wpn manufacturer pocket.
    Sad.. average american and ukrainians suffer at the hands of US politicians.

  8. This war is such a great promotion for American weapons, just like coronavirus pandemic is for US Pharma companies 五.

  9. biden and it's administration – Only group across the globe that is not interested in stopping the war… leaving no stone unturned in fuelling the war… And lecturing India's stand… the ones (countries) who think usa is the only culprit of war must move to ICJ and move a resolution to remove usa from UNHRC…. Russia needs to counter act in the same manner as usa did….

  10. America is happy because their weapons are selling and making Russia weaker. They don't care if people die

  11. Halo Ukraine, come. Take this money and fight with your neighbour (Russia). Let Russia destroy your country.

    Stupid fellow.

  12. Zelensky, wake up. Look at how US is destroying your country.
    Is it 1 and half month, is your country getting better ?

  13. GREAT…hail usa the protector of freedom,Liberty and democracy, f k dictatorships, this is why i pay taxes , pi$$ on faces of these dictators

  14. RamboZELENSKY stop relying on MurdockBIDEN
    BumboholeBORIS Johnson is more reliable and doesn't have Cognitive impairments like Boring Blundering BrokenBorderBIDEN.

    BlessUp INDIA 氣 and Wion StaySafe

  15. STOP. Writing ridiculous checks Biden!
    We know it's money laundering and feeding death and destruction

  16. Zelensky wants victims so that he can garner support for his war. Why not surrender like France in WW2? Save towns & soldiers lives

  17. American sending more aid to eukrane they don't know what the real reason why America doing this deeds ,zelenzy open ur eyes think ur people lives .life is more important that u ever know pls stop this War children r suffering , family r broken the children have right to live with peace and harmony for God seak .

  18. The US-NATO is liquidating obsolete equipment including those from Afghanistan. NATO countries are required to increase their defense budgets and acquire new military equipment. Business is good for the weapon industry. The usual suspects are the beneficiaries. Any new heavy equipment in Ukraine is instantly out of commission. known fuel depots have been destroyed. Ukrainians' smaller and tactical units can still cause damage to the Russian forces randomly, but that's all. Russia is inching to achieve its objectives. Ukrainian military infrastructure will be completely destroyed and Ukraine will stay neutral. Putin will eliminate the US-NATO future influence. Losers go home.

  19. How about the U.S spending taxpayers' money on the rehabilitation of displaced Ukrainian people. U.S military complex would be very happy with this funding.

  20. I bet that ukraine will give a good amount of the weapons and such back after this war stops but I bet there gonna keep a good amount of it for now for good reasons

  21. I wonder how much that 800 million $$$ will shrink due to "overhead" costs and 10% going to the big guy

  22. Who gets profit with fighting in the backyard?
    Not being present and fighting with money? The new war tactics.

  23. The title should read, The US sends more death & destruction to Ukraine.

    Or alternate title, US sends more money it doesn't have to Ukraine.

    Do these people really not see that they are being used in an attempt to advance a failed American Imperialist Agenda?

  24. Use that money to reduce inflation, homeless, umemployment, illegal border crossing and raising treasury debt problems in US before giving aid to any country, after all it is US tax payers' money. Of course, countries won't turn down the free money coming to them but the problems of US citizens should take highest priority than other countries problems.


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