US-Poland actively working on a deal to supply fighter jets to Ukraine amid Russian invasion | WION

Amid the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine, US and Poland are actively working on a deal to supply fighter jets to Ukraine. An announcement was made after the Blinken-Kuleba meeting.

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Comment (27)

  1. Call Trudeau, Biden, Johnson Out on their actions! Ukrainian sources often refer the pro-Euromaidan activists who died during Euromaidan as "The Heavenly Hundred". In April 2014, the Kyiv City State Administration and Culture Ministry of Ukraine stated that they expected to open a memorial complex "to the heroes of Heavenly Hundred" in February 2015, on the occasion of the anniversary of the death activists.On 1 July 2014, the Verkhovna Rada (the parliament of Ukraine) established the Medal "Order of the Heavenly Hundred Heroes". On 25 August 2014, President Petro Poroshenko claimed he had called the 2014 Ukrainian parliamentary election in order to purify parliament of MPs who had supported "the [January 2014] Dictatorship laws that took the lives of the Heavenly hundred".

    Kyiv City Council renamed a part of Instytutska Street into Heavenly Hundred Heroes Avenue on 20 November 2014.

    President Poroshenko decreed on 11 February 2015 that 20 February will annually be commemorated as "Day of the Heavenly Hundred Heroes"; his decree also establish (an action plan to accomplish) a museum in Kyiv dedicated to Euromaidan.On 20 February, it is compulsory for Ukrainian TV channels to display a flaming candle or a similar stylized image, and, at 12:00, a minute of silence must be observed

  2. 1st off these m-29’s need an safe airport (impossible)
    2nd They will be shot down
    3rd Unless you control air space right away, terrible idea

  3. Why is Zelenskyy begging NATO for more fighter jets . . . ? Because he has already lost most of his fighter jets just 10 days after this war started ??? Put Polish fighter jets into Ukraine ? Putin's response will simply be to destroy ALL the airfields in Ukraine. Bit of a STUPID escalation ?

  4. It takes a brave soul to hop in a mig and attack any modern fighter jet, I've watched flight sims of this scenario where aces can't even see anything on radar before they're shot down.

  5. According to the video above Russia has destroyed Ukraine Airforce. All of a sudden Ukrainian jets appear out of no where engaging Russian troops. Not good.

  6. Estão à espera que o presidente morra para enviar os aviões.. they are waiting that the President dies to send the airplanes.

  7. UK invaded so many countries like India and made it a colony and looted it's wealth and killing its citizens.
    America was formed by invading native Americans lands and killing them.
    When both US and UK condemning russian invasion it's like.
    Satan preaching Bible 🤣😂

  8. Great.. more fighter jets for Russia to bomb, and the one's that aren't blown to smithereens will be dissected and it's schismatics studied

  9. The only reason why Putin wants territory is because he's trying to re-establish the Soviet Union he's wanted to do it for a long time and that's what he's going for. He's trying to retake these former Soviet States and he will lie as much as he possibly can to get it. Putin is the king of lies and deception even though he's horrible at it. Putin is former KGB worked counter-intelligence and was a spy for the USSR until it fell in 1991. Ever since then he's been holding a grudge against the EU the US and NATO. Putin is the Hitler of our time and he's going to burn in hell along with Hitler for doing the things he has done. And when he goes down there to burn for all eternity he can be alongside his favorite Russian leader Stalin.

  10. Why USA don't do it self instead of using other country ??? Washington have big mouth now go and give them all the weapons they need

  11. Shame on You admiral James Stavridis our American warmonger general. History will judge you and American people will shame on you that you sold yourself got silver. Polish generals after 1989 are traitors to Poland and the Polish Nation, They are on the pot Wasztyngton DC. I cry it in Washington DC because I am a patriot of Poland and brought up in the spirit of ethics and morality by Grandma Antonine and Grandpa Wladyslaw. Lt. Col. Krzysztof Przepiórka (you git) convey the narrative of glopalists, Neocons of the centers in the USA, who want many wars. You hostile enemies of Poland on the pot of Washington DC and Israel. And then another imimbecile gen Bieniek, Skrzypczak. Polko is hostile to Poland. Polko is the biggest narcissist, military idiot. When we come to power in Poland, we will have the courts of Poland Narodower, we will make privates of you and we will take all the great Americas. we are going to have accounts in foreign banks (we have everything) You have destroyed the Polish armies and the GROM unit

  12. USA pushing to sell jets to Poland. So obvious who is running this war for their economy. Blind is the west to the overlord USA. United nations are the weakest power on earth.🙏

  13. Poland, if you wait long enough you may have Russia already knocking on your border wanting you to let them in or Putin will say he's going to nuke you. Then you will piss on yourself and fall in a puddle of Urine shaking because that is all it has taken to keep NATO from helping Ukraine. Trump is the only USA President ever respected in the international community. He did not care if it hurt anyone's feelings or not. He's a businessman.

  14. This would add more deaths to the war. Americans will make more weapons to sell to NATO. It's a win-win for the Americans – keep the wars in Europe and make the weapons to fight those wars.

  15. Go escalate the war. Good for arms business. Nuclear war will completely destroy Europe. But not America.

  16. Offering its own airforce is a very big sacrifice from Polish perspective, because it compromises Polish security on so many levels and push Poland to the Russian spotlight – and on top of that Poland is bordering Russia. Such sacrifice is something US and other richer western countries, that are also in safer geological position would not consider, to help Ukrainian people. Poland never asked for a free upgrade – Polish PM wanted an equal deal, help Ukraine and to pay the price difference for the replacement jets if necessary. It is USA's world domination Ukrainian people are defending – in reality the Ukrainian war is a proxy war between USA's and Russia's sfere of influence and the Ukrainian's people are at the moment defending and dying for USA's sfere of influence – this is what the war is really about. But still The US is shedding the burden of the fight on weaker allies and lies about Polish good will which they themselves were not capable of. They say it would endanger NATO, but Poland is a part of a NATO – so where is the unity I ask?!? Blinken says it gives 'green light' for Poland to endanger itself, but only for Poland alone, and not as part for NATO? This is the western hypocrisy Putin and other dictators understand very well. Poland is bordering Russia, USA with much stronger military is on a is on the other side of the globe – yet they still behave so cowardly. It is a shame in front of the whole world. Putin predicted western countries weakness and cowardice – that's why he Ukraine attacked in the first place. And Mig's are perfectly capable modernized airowrthy planes in many areas better than f16s if they were not capablde fighters they would be not needed by ukrainian army .


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