US reports 1.4% drop in GDP in 1st quarter of 2022 | World Latest News | WION

The US economy has unexpectedly shrunk in the first three months of 2022. This economic slope comes after more than a year of rapid growth and the new data is fueling concerns about a recession in the future.

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Comment (36)

  1. The people of the world will soon be free and can actually start developing their economies and the population without Western interference. My country has been at war since its independence in 1960.

  2. America is a 3rd world country now and it's gonna get worse to the point it will start loosing it's population

  3. What is he smoking ? There is a shortage of everything in the country, for example auto parts and automobiles

  4. More to come! US, wait for it. I believe the best would have been to focus on local economic recovery. But Biden Administration seem not to understand. A wise leader thinks of his country first.

  5. Unexpected!? This crap was planned. The great reset Democrats are pushing which is treachery according to our laws.

  6. Biden says the economy is doing great, but we have record high inflation, low employment, and I doubt if what he said about small business growth being true. While true, there are a few factors contributing to the 1.4% slump in GDP, there's also mismanagement of the administration to blame too. We still have 7 months to go too.

  7. I could have told you – USA is heading for depression not recession. Hear Biden and Yellen. Message is opposite.

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  9. Yeah because sending billions of dollars of weapons and the USA involving itself in a war that does not concern them is not the reason that the economy is taking a hit…

  10. Putin is correct thier sunction is bounceback. They send billions of money to ukrain. If I am u.s. taxpayers i do not agree why you send our money to other country? That is bulshit decission. Your people is suffering in u.s. also

  11. This man is so dumb. People can spend all they want at big box store but wtf is it going to do for the United States when those same big box stores don't pay taxes.


  13. All thanks to the old man with dementia and it's administration. He is supposed to be in an old age home but sitting in the white House and dragging the entire world down

  14. Purchasing power of people in US has declined considerably, inflation makes people insecure and prone to less spending and more saving oriented. This might lead to recession.


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