US Supreme Court set to overturn Roe v Wade abortion rights decision, says report | English News

According to a leaked initial draft majority opinion published by Politico, the US Supreme Court looks set to vote to overturn the Roe vs Wade decision that legalised abortion nationwide.

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Comment (29)

  1. The ones breaking the law are those who leaked the documents; that’s what should be investigated and punished!

  2. What in the world can be wrong with a law that protect the Human Rights of the most vulnerable humans?

  3. Baby Murderers belong in prison yet many don’t get justice in this life, be sure you will in the next.

  4. To the person/person’s that leaked this ruling. It was the right thing to do Even if it might be illegal to do so. This person/person’s is brave. I thank you for your bravery & your Service to our country 🇺🇸🫡 You’re the kind of person that built are nation. Love from this citizen that believes in the dreams of our founding forefathers of America the ones we should truly believe in.

  5. Justice for women should not come via abortion; but via access to far more federal aid, more legal pressure on fathers to provide not only financial support but hands-on support, and a wider access to more affordable healthcare for pregnant women.

  6. They should choose between; having abortion illegal and vaccine mandates legal, or have abortion legal and vaccine mandates illegal, it doesn’t go both ways. You have ret@rds saying “my body my choice” to the vaccine and trying to ban abortion, it doesn’t go like that you fuckin9 children.

  7. What constitution includes the right to abortion??? I have read the whole US Constitution and the Federalist Papers… No such right exist.

  8. No, but the slaughter of innocents where killing is a form of birth control, may be curtailed…

  9. They want less ppl thats why thry use abortion as pro choice. Altho I believe in any civilized society women should choose to end life if she is suffering in any way , and /or if it poses a health issue overall.

  10. The Molech worshipers are not happy. They demand the blood of the innocent. There is no right to commit murder in the US Constitution.

  11. Like others have said, I'm going from voting red to voting blue. This changes everything. Women's basic right to control their own bodies is not negotiable. This assault on women's rights is insane. It just shows how backward the US really is. Even Ireland legalized abortion, for crying out loud. This is nuts.

  12. There’s a great deal of misunderstanding here. The problem is the court did something unconstitutional many years ago and created a law banning abortion, usurping the legislative branch. This does NOT make abortion illegal, what it does do is put the decision in the hands of the people and who they vote into the legislature. If Tennessee finds abortion distasteful they can vote to outlaw it. If California wants to vote in favor of it, then that’s on them. That’s the way the US Constitution is supposed to work.

  13. yes over turn it abortion law must beremove there is no rights to take life .you dont have that rights .if you are beliver in the bible the bible dont have abortion law in the bible that right belong to god lord gaveth the lord taketh

  14. over turn it now you law.remove it no death to unborn chilren it is sinto kill babes chilren that is unborn

  15. murder is murder not matter who dose it you dont have that right. that right belong to god you christian you pastors. what kind of pastor you are suppoting murder your congretion should stand up condem murder

  16. were that is demonic spirit that lucifer making boy s feel they are woemen they demon girls are th same demonic borin holes in they flesh were in demonic cloths


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