US: Threat of Russia launching 'Nuke' attack on Ukraine can't be taken lightly| WION

The Director of US Intelligence service has said that the threat of Russia launching ‘Nuke’ attack on Ukraine can’t be taken lightly but he asserts that the CIA has not seen lot of practical evidence reinforcing that concern
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Comment (41)

  1. Why would Russia louch nukes? Really? This will be the end of everything….including all living things in dear Poutine Russia. It's a mad man bluff. Nothing more. Both blocs are sitting on about + 6000 nukes

  2. None of them can punish Putin. They look like him. That's not the solidarity they believe in. This is like watching a DA trying to punish a crooked cop. He won't try. He will say not enough evidence despite overwhelming evidence. Then it will get swept under rug. A time honored solidarity tradition, of which they wrote millions of books on. Confederate traitors to the US were all pardoned/forgiven, despite the treachery they set out to do, and did.

  3. That’s very smart to stand by them tanks for they can be blowed up right there period . Well Puttin you will have nukes sent right back to you period

  4. Puttin come in and use those nukes and you will see Russia destroyed only minutes because nukes will hit all over Russia so innocent citizens of Russia please leave for Puttin is going to get nukes as soon as one nuke is sent from Russia period

  5. putin is equal to hitler

    putin is on a genocide mission to wipe the people and nation of ukraine off the face of the earth

    even if he has to destroy the world to do so

    putin just might be the third antichrist

    😱 😡 😡 😡

  6. Russia should be extremely careful about talking up the use of nuclear weapons in Ukraine. If they do use it then NATO will be absolutely involved in this war as the nuclear fallout will reach NATO Europe. In that case it will be as if Russia had attacked NATO.
    Putin says he will use it if it’s an existential threat to Russia. What this murderer meant is that if it’s an existential threat to his power. This madman is prepared to take the whole world with him!!!

  7. If Russia nukes Ukraine πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡¦. It will be Russia that never recovers . The world would not let that stand

  8. Why is it that newscasters in India (particularly the men but the women as well) have such big egos? Can't imagine anyone in Canada getting away with this.

  9. He thinks we get scared with those Russian nuclear pipe bombs..If Russia will start, we will finish it.

  10. Doubt china will allow putin to use nukes because it will also affect them indirectly even if the nukes are directed to Europe.

  11. The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for "good" men to do nothing. You complicit if you don't stop an evil act and let it happen

  12. Putin remember well the stalwart Kennedy and his decision to call Khrushchev's bluff. It worked. I think he is intent on turning the tables some sixty years later.

  13. you're full of gossip, you're full of threats mr won't really give up because it's a shame he'll do it he already knows he'll lose he can't handle ukraine.because evil will never're afraid of that nuclear he will blow up because he knows all the countries the world will be angry with him as well as with his minions allians..okay let him do it after all we will all die also ahead of you the scheduled human deaths in your hands.we are not afraid of nuclear or death.maybe putin is afraid because he is waiting satan to him. his father satan who brought him here on earth to give him the duty to destroy the world … go nuclear we are not afraid.he afraid of his own work.shame

  14. Putin
    "we'll use nukes if our existence is threatened"

    using nukes will guarantee Russia's existence comes to an end.

  15. America, always love imposing sanctions to Russian allies lol πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„

  16. Dear Colleagues in the discussion, I propose not to discuss "nothing" and not to spread panic. I specifically looked through all the media from different countries and nowhere did I find any mention of a hypothetical nuclear strike

  17. In the AP news report I in received this morning, there is video of several families living inside the war zone in the Ukraine, typical, normal, everyday people. It brings home the perspective of war and its effect.

    In this report, not one person mentioned the president of the Ukraine, not one. It's as if they know the war is completely in his hands and he just allows it to go on.

    Let's say Russia has 2 years’ worth of missiles to use in the Ukraine, targeting whatever they want. Would Zelenskky allow his people to be under constant bombardment for 2 more years?

    The answer is yes.

    Zelenskky is only concerned with Zelenskky. He is so foolish, he doesn't understand he could be a bigger hero surrendering and leaving before he is captured.

    Just think he finally understands he can save his remaining population by leaving out the back door. All he has to do is surrender and the death and destruction will end.

    I know history is replete with leaders of countries under attack who just simply allowed their countries to be completely destroyed. I cannot explain this and none of them ever came close to winning against their enemy.

    Zelenskky remains the comedian he is, he and the Pope warn the world against Russia's possible use of nuclear weapons.

    Zelenskky has no earthly conception of the use of nuclear weapons. Does he understand he is the #1 target?? I suppose he thinks his arrogance will save him.

    If Zelenskky believed the threat from Russia is real, he'd stop asking for more and more weapons, so more and more people can die, and just surrender his country that is being completely destroyed and its people being brutalized, not only by the Russian Army, but by their president who day after day, who thinks only of himself and not of his people.

    Russia is not conducting a war against the Ukraine people, but of the Zelenskky administration.

    The time is now, Zelensky should resign and save the remaining Ukrainian people from a war that will get progressively more brutal, and it does not have to come to that, if only Zelenskky does the right thing and leaves today. Surrender and leave. The West will understand.

  18. Remember folks never let you guard down like ukraine did by handing their nukes to russia. Nuclear weapons are basic needs of every country.

  19. If Russia uses nukes on Ukraine the west should all nuke Russia if they start it we should all finish Russia for good

  20. Putin is like a dog πŸ• he only burks,in if he's nukes are like he's military equipment he is in real deep shit.
    In for the record do not underestimate the power of the United States they only show you what they just want you to see.
    Remember that

  21. if adolf hitler had nuclear weapons world war 2 he would have used them hitler was a madman it is now 2022 guess what india we have a new hitler putin the murderer nato also has nuke weapons sweden and finland you need to join nato russia will attack you and then nato will say but your not in nato if russia attacks you glory to ukraine in god we trust


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