US warns against rising oil imports, New Delhi continues to buy Russian oil | World News | WION

13 million barrels of Russian oil have been imported by India since February. Recently, the US has issued a warning against rising oil imports and is ready to enforce more sanctions against Russia.

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Comment (28)

  1. It seems the US commands India and the world in general. It determines sovereignty. That's why we are happy with Putin's policy against the West

  2. US wants India and others to buy oil from Russia but is striggling in equalizing the oil supply in the world market. Its like saying to all nations buy russian oil you'll suffer from sunction or not buy but still suffer from oil price hike, energy crises etc.

  3. USA, UK, NATO, ASIAN side KICKS cannot dictate what India should do. Let them return USD 45 trillion to India first.

  4. India is now clearly in western club and will downgrade it's relations with Russia as they had adjusted and downgraded their relations with Iran after trump snactions to the extent that they put their strategic investment in Chahbahar port for a free trade route to Central Asian republics in question.

  5. Uncle Baiden thinks that the world is stupid to listen to him. He has stocked enough of oil and asked his oil companies to step up production which is enough for America and so his country will not be effected because of the raise in oil prices and essential commodities but wants to impose ban on import of oil from Russia so that the third world countries die of soaring prices

  6. Is it me all the U.S is acting like the king of the world. The country is a mess but still they want to control others..hmmm

  7. America is hyppocrites, they want to counter chyna in asia…..wants India's help..for themselves…..they trying to exibit like they are helping india against Chyna 😂😂….for your information…. Chyna- india not newly became neighbours…. border issues are also not new 😂…. india is way more strong than what west bullies think

  8. Putin back is not weakness
    Biut strong because putin see who did it ,his army internal support to Ukrainian otherwise never did see
    Of would,some things must be there so putin rest and see,do is important.

  9. If India wants to fund Russias military power and kill civilians in Ukraine that’s down to them, but will all come back and bite then in the ass if world war 3 starts or China and India’s boarder control tension escalated as China and Pakistan don’t like India.. and if China decide to invade Taiwan and India at the same time.. Russia will be in China’s side and you would of been funding your own deaths.. Russia or China don’t care about India.. to many naive uneducated fools in that country

  10. Hunter and I have done nothing wrong? Joe bidens two biggest lies since he has been in office "the buck stops with me " this over the hill failure, has not stopped blaming everyone for his continual stream of cluster fxxxs since his first day in office, The second biggest lie was his violation of oath of office to protect and serve which he has violated from day one including his lie of being fit to serve. First impeachment then jail, his latest comment that he and Hunter have done everything by the book, what fxxxing book? some biden crime family BS, starting with if you tell a lie long enough it becomes the truth. When the investigations begin, the truth will come out, about all the pots of gold the biden family have received from accepting money from our adversaries do do what?

  11. Ironically ..USA is bullying and harassing other countries instead of Russia .😭😭😭😭

  12. Warn away bozo ! 🤮 AmeriKan death spiral is classic death of an empire. So sad to watch our stupid “leaders” drive us into the dirt.

  13. Why India will not buy @ deep discount. There is a democracy in India. If oil price is not controlled, this Govt will be gone in next election.

  14. Of course they want restrictions by other countries. They want their economies destroyed too. Then blame Putin, like Biden does is

  15. Im against any type of War but for the US evil Zionist regime is in no position after all the evil they have done against innocent lives an country's to criticize or call for no world sanctions and boycott against Russia it is time for countries to refuse the bullying of evil Uncle Sam all the best for Russia ❤️❤️❤️🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺❤️❤️❤️


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