USA vs China, The War You Can't See

The US and China are fighting a war. It’s a weird one that’s hard to see.
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The US and China are fighting a war. It’s a weird one that’s hard to see. It’s being fought in government offices, in company boardrooms. And it’s being fought over the most important technology in the world: Microchips.

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Comment (37)

  1. While in the US they spend the last 25 years creating rules and regulations for the manufacturing industry, blocking new industry to grow due the "green agenda", increasing labor taxes, promoting strikes thru the unions and forcing the actual factories to outsource in other more industry friendly countries…. The train have passed and the technology is being produced else where now. I do believe now it is too late. It is not an "if.." question. It is a "when.." question about chine to dominate the technology.

  2. “We are at a stage where interdependence is used as a weapon”
    This is so hilariously stupid that humanity does this. In any other system this would result in a catastrophic failure. Like if the heart stops beating to make a point to the rest of the body that would be the end of you. Humans like to fight for things like power and control without actually knowing why they fight for it. They just do. As if they are programmed to do so. As long as governments exist in the way they do today and power is in the hands of a few human beings wars will keep happening. Democracy is flawed because it puts immense amount of power in the hands of a few people. Just like capitalism. If the system does not change humanity will always be at war with itself.

  3. A podcast would be amazing. Invite politics, history, sociology professors. Invite scientists. Invite politicians. Invite speakers from different political institutes (Institute for eastern european studies, institute for the study of war, etc.)

  4. So glad you are covering this topic! I am in the middle of writing my thesis based on Taiwan and China’s relationship and the microchip war is a big part of it. So I really connected with this video. Great work!

  5. hey mr smart, the chips inside your fridge or speaker are not important(i can build them in home) for this is about only 0.01 of chips, the -150 nm chipsets
    Moron make a research before making video like a smart guy.

  6. Taiwan is not a country, even America do not recognise them as a country.
    The Taiwanese president that was pushing for independence lost election because the Taiwanese people are more interested in stability and peace than Western backed independence that may lead to war against China.

  7. Excellent video. I would just like to point out that, the reason for China being the biggest customer for microchips is because it is manufacturing many electrical products for the rest of the world. And out of the top 20 manufacturers who purchase semiconductors in China, more than half of them are not Chinese companies.

  8. China would not have been thriving in their mix economy, so they're only good at is copying the US.
    And this is why a lot of Chinese students come study in the US on a visa to find internship or a job in these semiconductor companies, and steal intellectual property.

  9. Ridiculous, the USA become super power by using its military power to kill/threaten other countries’ citizens and got richer. On the other hand, China got richer mostly by working harder. For example, the US citizens wanted to consume more than what they could produce. China used the opportunity and got richer. Now all these countries, not just only blaming China for growing faster but also trying to take credit by saying that their “technology support” helped China to grow faster

  10. If the US is trying to move production back home they will be able one day to no longer support Taiwan and then its over 🙈 btw as a German I see a lot of fab projects here too now. Governments and companies take the learnings from the chip crisis quite seriously.

  11. And there, Ladies and Gentlemen, we hae the real reason why the United States will defend Taiwan against China. It's no more about freedon and Democracy than the Gulf War. It's about ulterior motives and if Taiwan ends up being taken over by China and the CCP the United States stands to lose their bread and butter in the semiconductor industry. I'm not saying it's a bad reason. They just need to be honest about it.


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