USA vs Russia Military Power Comparison 2023 | Russia vs USA Military Comparison 2023

USA vs Russia Military Power Comparison 2023 covers all major defense parameters to compare Russia vs USA Military Comparison 2023 covering us airforce vs russian airforce russian navy vs us navy comparison us army vs russian army comparison 2023 with several parameters like us vs russia fighter jets comparison us vs russia navy warships comparison and many more after watching this US vs Russia Military Power Comparison 2023 you can find how powerful is USA Military Power 2023 and how powerful is Russia Military Power 2023 one can also conclude who is the most powerful country between USA and russia

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  1. What I don't see in this video of USA versus Russia is the fact that the gross domestic product and the calculating of money we run off the Federal reserve the dollar that is backed by absolutely nothing the Russian ruble is backed by gold big difference one is dead one is alive one is debt one is prospering also where is the Russian hypersonic missile arsenal also where is the US laser technology that's a game changer

  2. Να μήν πάμε πότε σ'παγκόσμιο
    Πόλεμο γιατί αντίο πλανήτη Γη.
    Σαν τούς δηνοσαυρους θα εξαφανιστουμε οι άνθρωποι.
    Όι ηγέτες έχουν συμφέροντα
    Και οικονομικός παράγοντας.
    Οι λαοί δεν έχουν συμφερων ο
    Ένας να σφάξει των άλλων.


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