V5-Q&A Gnostic Christianity; "Beast System" & "Transgender Agenda"

We continue are Q & A Gnostic Christianity Video Series. In this video we attempt to answer why old Biblical prophesy seems to so readily predict the state of the world today. Also we attempt to answer FGCC’s thoughts about “The Beast System” & “The Transgender Agenda” and how it may move us toward transhumanism?

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  1. Thank you so much for the time you spent answering my question(s)! I’ll need to listen to this several more times before commenting further (details and understanding take time) ~ I am, again, so grateful. Brilliant job, brother. Blessings.

  2. Thomas, I appreciate your videos and I'm glad that you make them, but I think your politics have thrown you way off on this one. Please take some time to read about the rise of Soviet communism and try to understand that some of the subversion that we are suffering is the fallout from old Soviet plans to undermine the cultures of the nations they intended to later conquer. We are seeing a culture war on top of a spiritual war. Things are not as they seem. We can agree that gender-confused individuals are not evil or criminal, but there are people (humans, not demons) who are illegitimately claiming to represent those interests in order to use compassion as a weapon to exploit people.

    I don't care much for tradition personally, but some traditions exist for good reasons and the people who have been systematically dismantling Western culture do not take the time to figure out which way is the best way. They aren't trying to build a good thing. They're trying to destroy something that they see as evil and they don't think beyond that point. This was the first step in the communist takeover plan. The second step was to put leaders from established communist nations into power over the newly converted nations. The third step was to line up and shoot to death the useful idiots who made step two possible. I'm not joking about any of this. It's happened to more than a few nations within the last hundred years. Look up Yuri Bezmenov. He gave some interviews that explained it all quite well.

    To be absolutely clear, I'm saying that there are irrational, fanatical human beings who are working in large numbers to destroy whatever cohesive culture they can touch and replace it with nothing. They aren't the ones who originally came up with the plan. Most of them seem to actually believe in what they're doing, which makes them all the more dangerous. Beware the ones who want to control you for "the common good."

    Still, thanks for the videos. I've found several of them quite useful.


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