Vaccine isnt What you think it is. TRANSHUMANISM AGENDA


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  1. Just found you recently and I’m certainly glad to see not just you many many sources warning of all this, I even tried discussing matters of this nature to friends and family for the last ten years and I am brushed off and labeled crazy. Posts have been taken down warning of everything thing I see so my feed is monitored. Noticed this awhile back. Good luck and am happy to see I’m not paranoid or crazy which I knew all along.

  2. Read Isaiah 66:1-5. This is what YAHUAH is doing. Delusion is a significant part of our present. I hate television. Tell us a vision. CIA indoctrination. Know what is happening. YAYSHUAH shows me and it happens. Sometimes not right away, but in His time.

  3. They are destroying the oil industry. They are saying by 2024 no gas for cars or trucks. You don't hear anything about the numbers of suicide. That's because their ultimate goal is to reduce the population which is what is on the Georgia guide stones. Phase two will really be the ultimate cause of death. Forced vaccinations, TROOPS forcing the desire of the elites. No balls, no guts,guilable assholes. We are screwed because we basically stand alone those of us who in the know.

  4. I'm right in those Mo.woods. it's beautiful up here in MO. I would love to travel like you are. What a blessing to see it all. My best to you from another Missourian! 🙏

  5. A little off of topic and not so much. I work for a fast food joint and had to go to the bank to do a change order for the store I work for. After getting back the bank called saying we’re not allowed to get more than 1 roll of change a day now. You cannot run a business that way. Cashless society coming soon. I keep trying to warn people. God bless everyone.

  6. Now wait a minute! We've been suffering from chiggers is this beautiful but Godforsaken place called the Ozarks for 24 years now and you say you have a cure but don't tell what it is? Now that's just cruel. Kids and pets ate alive along with us apparently stupid adults who can't come up with a cure year after year and you're not going to share your cure? Come on! Have mercy!

  7. Idk about anyone else but my upbringing has been nothing but INDOCTRINATION. I'm so done with the so called "patriotism" for a country that HATES ME & HATES THAT I'M A MOTHER. You can't serve two masters.. I chose to serve our Savior.

  8. Get everything in order now my brothers and sister's! By early winter they will have the whole world lockdown and forcing everyone to take the vaccine. Do not take any vaccines or the mark of the beast ever my brothers and sister's!
    Put on the full armor of God everyone and repent your sins everyday! Have no fear or panic everyone!
    Get prepared and be ready! Soon it will be extremely bad for everyone.
    Pray for our brother's and sister's everyday and love one another. Jesus Christ is returning soon to his faithful people home to Heaven.
    God bless you all everyone and thank you so much Richie my friend.🙏😢

  9. My grand-mother died last month from Pneumonia. She had been on a oxygen tank for years. Nothing was said, that from the doctors etc that she died from Covid 19, but the paperwork on her said, died from COVID 19!!! Bunch of BS!! Last night my son, Brandon got me watching Riches videos. I haven't put the phone down yet!! He is on You Tube under Plane Prechin' SO gladhe got me to your videos… WOWWW

  10. Got fired from my RN gig in NJ for refusing IT and the test..I almost caved regarding the test because of my job. Didn't thanks to RFB. TG. Moving into a rig, Going nomad. Like share sub. How is your channel on?


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