Vaccine volunteer on his second injection

Andrew Rubin, who is voluntary helping to test a coronavirus vaccine, explains his experience to CNBC.

More Covid-19 vaccines are being developed by researchers in the United States than in any other country, according to the WHO.

The WHO’s most recent update on global vaccine development projects, published Tuesday, showed there are currently at least 133 vaccines being tested around the world.

U.S. institutions are working on the highest number of these — 42 — according to the WHO’s list, and Chinese research facilities are working on 19, meaning China is developing the second-highest number of vaccines.

Of the 133 vaccines, 10 vaccines are in the clinical trial phase (meaning they are being tested on human volunteers) and 123 vaccines are in the preclinical trial phase.

China is working on more projects in the clinical trial phase than any other country, with the U.S. following close behind.

Projects that have progressed to clinical trials include Moderna’s potential vaccine, which the U.S. company said generated some positive data in early tests last month. However, vaccine experts later expressed skepticism about the company’s data. The firm’s chairman told CNBC that it would never put out data on its vaccine that varied from “reality.”

Another vaccine undergoing human trials is being developed at Oxford University in England, which pharmaceutical giant AstraZeneca has agreed to manufacture and distribute at cost. The project, which aims to roll out 30 million doses of the immunization in the U.K. within months if successful, recently received $1 billion in U.S. government funding.

At least 123 further potential vaccines are being investigated around the world, according to the WHO, but these are in the earlier “preclinical evaluation” phase of trials — meaning they may never be tested on humans.

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Comment (40)

  1. My 1st was 10 days of headaches, 2nd shot was 3 days of headaches and fever, but a month later and im tired all day, tired tired tired, cant move much.

  2. So how much has this pathetic hospital administrator invested in Bills eugenics program? No doubt he hopes to double his money like Bill while serving the eugenics dream. Good thing CNBC crack journalist is on the case

  3. Was this vacine tested on animals, does anyone know. I'm hearing that it was and the animals died..
    It must be done voluntary, if not it will be in breach of the Nurenburg code of ethics. Where it states clearly vacines must be tested on animals first before humans. Meaning no human being can be experimented on first.

  4. Notice the black shirt? Many people on the news today wearing black. In masonic circles the color black means death, evil, dark work.
    These people believe in being like God. They use good and evil to control outcomes in our world.
    Population control is seen as good to these masonic groups.
    The black and white is the ying and yang in the occult. Same with blue or red. Blue candidate or red candidate, red pill, blue pill.
    Some trust in chariots or horses but I trust in the God Almighty. Psalms 20:7

  5. I felt feverish and hurt after the second one. The fever lasted a day and the pain lasted a few. Everyone has different reactions and I know some don’t want the second one after experiencing severe side effects from the first.

  6. Please tell me the Truth I have had the 2 vaccine some months ago and l have never felt great since. Now there’s news we need another one in September and a flu jab as well

  7. Bias + Conflict of interest: Organisation he works for he says is "one of the trial sponsors". Seems staged: "flick of a switch" then light gets brighter. Very little facial expression= scripted and rehearsed many times. Appears detached from what he is saying. Plus he says it took him "48 hours to recover" from 2nd jab he got "yesterday".


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