various Brothers Speaking about various issues including Watchman, Mattityahu, Ramo

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  1. You pray to have "another year or two to get things done"? Please do not pray to delay the return of our Mashiach. That's what it boils down to. Nothing we want to accomplish in this world (or see manifest for others) is worth delaying the coming of the Master. We should have no desire to wait another 2-3 years to grow crops, evangelize, pay bills, buy land, get a job, get married, or whatever. We need the Father front & center. For all eyes to see. Like immediately. He will take care of all the details. No stone will be left unturned. There is no real life or true peace without Him. What could possibly be more important than His return? He's coming back at His appointed time, and we should pray that it be with the quickness. Has it not been long enough for us? Have we not yet had our fill of what this raggedy sin-infested World has to offer? Let us not be like Lot's wife (Luke 17:32-33).

  2. I love it Family! I am apart of the online chat bond lol but I need to meet my family. Watchman Yahu and Deborah Yah introduced me to the truth 2 years ago today and I am forever Grateful, forever Thankful, and forever Loyal. I thank Yahuah for using you two and your family and I love you all. Oh and Brother Matityahu, little ach Eliyah was definitely on point with Jamie Foxx lol. I love you family, Stay Blessed family! Glory to his name 💜

  3. Esau and Ishmael were told not to mix their seed but they disobeyed and did anyway. They have had strife. History shows it was that seed that sold true Israel into slavery. Thank you for your ministry. This is truly family. That's what the gospel is all about. I love your spirit and love. I would love help in ministering to the Israelites here in Chattanooga who don't know who they are. Thank you again!

  4. I am Listening, Watching, Hearing and Praying. Been standing on and Believing 2 Chronic 7:14 and ask THE HOLY SPIRIT, who are HIS people that are Called by HIS Name; and What is HIS name? It certainly wasn't Christians because this was written before christianity ie, the church exsisted. And if that is true than What Is HIS NAME? Then early one morning, Watchman Yah popped up on YouTube during my listening to sermon time. So, I begin to listen to the information and heard what I believe is my answer.
    Which leads me to my next question, where are you, the people of YAH, located and how do I contact yall?


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