Virtual Reality – Valve's Brain-to-Computer Interface

Gabe Newell and Steam have been working on Virtual Reality (VR) components, they have been developing brain-to-computer interfaces which will change the world of VR forever.

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Valve has been a big player in the virtual reality industry recently, they have been pioneering some of this insane technology, which will definitely play a huge role in future VR.
Right now they are working on some absolutely fascinating developments, which could even come out in a year or two, which makes some of the developments even more alluring

Gabe Newell, also known as GabeN, the head of Valve had an interview in which he spilled the beans on some of the projects they are working on
GabeN sees Virtual reality as something that should be combined with neuroscience because when we utilize brain to computer interfaces, or BCI’s, it will change reality forever.

An early application of brain to computer interfaces will be an app that you can run to edit your sleep, if you want to sleep for 12 hours on a flight, just open the app and fall instantly asleep for 12 hours, feeling completely refreshed after the 12 hours is up.

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  1. While Full Dive is the endgoal i want VR to reach, I feel like just an average brain to computer software would satisfy me for a long time. Being able to raise and lower certain emotions and instincts would be an amazing tool for human use. Lowering stress, raising productivity, etc.

  2. Love the video. but I expect full dive to be more about 10-20 years rather than 20-40. We are way further than we were 4 years ago and we are learning at an exponential rate.

  3. While interesting, I am very skeptical. I would love to see what the actual setup consists of. Reading brain signals is one thing but sending useful signals back is an entire other echelon of difficulty. From a practical perspective, it would have to be tested on people with serious medical conditions first before any testing on healthy adult gamers happens.

  4. It’s insane that a couple years ago that people said the nervegear technology would be a long ways off, if not impossible. Now the 2024 release date isn’t even that hard to believe with how fast technology is evolving.


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