Vitamin D Deficiency Linked To INCREASE In CANCER

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  1. MOW, thank you for your willingness
    to help your/our people. I hope you
    accept calls on Sunday, if so, I'll be
    calling you this Sunday. Shalom to u!

  2. As a blackman take a 5000 iu vitamin D3 pill per day… I take one every other day…you can get them from any pharmacy over the counter… support your Hebrew brother go get it from him and that's where I'm going to get mine from now on Shalom…..

  3. I want our future children to like fruits and vegetables… one day I will own one of the biggest farms in the promised land and if not I will work on the biggest farm… I have great aspirations

  4. Hmm, when I was nine I remember I hardly ever went outside so my skin was light, but at age 10 I went to a summer camp I stayed in the sun the entire time my skin got darker and darker and I never went back to being that pale. When I came back home really dark my grand mother exclaimed and called me a chocolate boy. I call that summer camp " The Day I Met The Sun". The Sun really affects our skin… I never got a sun burn I was happy to be darker… I highly doubt our skin blocks vitamin D from the sun…

  5. personal experience: I traverse 'tween Nigeria and Southern Africa, respectively both countries have different Sun radiation.

  6. I just ordered some Vitamin D3. And make sure I get plenty, plenty Sun in the Spring & Summer. No 🚫 Sun Burn or irritation

  7. Minister of Wellness, Please comment on your view of taking high quality D3 + K2 supplements to aid in the proper absorbtion of calcium to the bones. I was taught that the combination of D3 + K2 aids in calcium being deposited in bones vs the bloodstream that can calcify arteries. Too many of us don't eat enough leafy greens as you suggest. Taking high-levels of vitimin D with a poor diet can be counter productive to our arteries. Thank you kindly.


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