Unicorns in the Bible. When many people hear that unicorns are mentioned in the Bible, they imagine the mythical unicorn with a flowing mane and a sparkling horn. But, that image of the unicorn is only fantasy. Unicorns are mentioned in the Bible – in fact, they are mentioned in the Bible in nine times as Rhinoceros Unicornis

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  1. If you have been following the Bible you will find some interesting changes that have been manifesting. All praise to Jesus and the most high. Please check out the Mandela effect bible changes.

  2. Annnnd that brings me to the real location of Israel again. If rhinoceros and lions are mentioned in the bible so many times and so many others things related to Africa, and the fact that the real hebrews are the black people, why do we still believe that the israel today is the holy land? And the regions mentioned in the bible, i don't think they can even cover half of today's Israel…hum.. and obviously I'm sure it never had rhinoceros nor lions. So…. Africa is the holy (and cursed) land.


  3. This is a sidebar for thought.
    Just like he explained what's illogical about unicorn and rinocerous via (translations) so is the name YAHAWAH AND YAHAWASHI versus God and Jesus.
    We have got to understand that to continue to refer to YAH as God and YAHAWASHI as Lord and Jesus is incorrect. Yeah, most of us learned to call THEM by God, Lord and Jesus but these are not the same deities by a long shot of the imagination!

    It's hard to unlearn the learned.

    Learn not the ways of the other nations. Nor, serve YOUR ELOHIM as the other nations serve their gods.

    Once we learn better we are responsible and accountable to do better.

    Once again, just a sidebar.

    Shalawam Y'israel 🔥


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