WAKE UP! Prophecy is slowly unfolding

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  1. Shalom family I pray that am counted to be worthy to make it I don't want to suffer in the after living in Babylon has been bad enough for many of us it has been struggle for me my entire life. But I give yah all the praise he choose me when he didn't half to I am so grateful he is my strength is why I continue to fight even when my enemies try to destroy me my family reject the truth when I be trying Minister to them I pray that they wake up I want us all to get the the promise Land open there eyes yah so that they can see the truth I pray Lord that it want be to late for none of us in the name of our heavenly father Christ name Amen…

  2. Salem 🙌🏾@FAM … no doubt AIAH ‘s anger en judgement has being rekindled once again in a far more worst way … right now the outbreak of the coronavirus in China is spreading at an alarming rate via international ( United States , France , Australia, Canada and the Uk has confirmed cases as I speak riight now it’s no joke ) and about 100,000 people has the virus already in China now and the numbers are still going up … more than 100 people dead already … en that’s the head quarters (ASIA) where the sons en daughters of the most high AIAH at where the interracial marriages have hit sky rocket in a huge numbers which is an abomination before our holy En righteous one !!! Most cities are on lock down … it’s getting outta hand !!!

  3. In my neighborhood all the wild plum trees are gone , blackberries , fig trees, peach and pear trees nearly all gone and the fields have been troddened down were most of them grew.

  4. No one could ever told me that Atlanta, GA could flood because we’re inland, Sept of 2009 Atlanta, and neighboring cities flooded. Man is at fault as well, when I saw so many trees were being plowed and grass mowed down, and they were replace by Concrete plus money, I asked myself, what will we do for oxygen? Trees were location finders, by 2009 Atlanta and neighboring Cities are concrete valleys, you could tell the seasons by the way the air smell, even sap from the trees. Since I was aware, Stockbridge and Atlanta had an earthquake January 2020, some say they felt a small amount movement that they taught was thunder and the rest of us felt nothing. We experienced 3X a loud sound coming from the sky lasting 10 to 15 minutes without a plane in sight. Thank You Brother Watchman for sharing, you are head on, I take the earth very seriously what it tells and show me. Shalom Family!

  5. Isn’t it crazy how they are saying that this corona virus is suspected to come from a bat

    The swine flu better known as the h1n1 came from pigs

    The Mers from a camel

    And the bird flu from aquatic fowl.

    All these flesh in Leviticus The Most High specifically told his people not to consume, that they would be an abomination unto them. Crazy how realistic that is. 😞


  7. Yes bible prophecy is coming through…there was an 7.3 magnitude earthquake in the Caribbean and the people of my country Jamaica are turning it into a joke instead of realizing that its what the Messiah told his disciples that would happen in Matthew 24. We have to keep alert brothers and sisters. Shalom

  8. So are you saying the seals order in the bible are not in its correct order because before the seventh seal there was also 6 5 4 3 2 1 so when you coating from revelation chp. 8 and pointing it to these times you clearly saying the seals are not in its correct order in the bible, please stop putting these in your own word and opinion, yes we all are seeking the truth so please be careful of the things you put out there for us… I have not hear/ read about when the sun turn like sackcloth.

  9. Well we just recently had an energy shift so things are going to change dramatically. All praise to the most high.


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