Walking in the Will of Yahuwah Meditation & Affirmation

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Comment (32)

  1. Ahh this is so beautiful n soothing. Thanks so much for building my Peace in Yah library. I'm truly at peace when I meditate. The Qodesh meditation is still my favorite because it feels like I'm there at the event. 😇

  2. shalom family. I am predestinated to walk in he way of yahuwah, after the counsel of is will, and i delight in his ways… thank you bless up…

  3. Shalom Family! I am truly grateful for The meditations You all have made!!! HalleluYah!! Truly a Blessing!!

  4. 💞Shalom my family just so💞 understanding and comfort listening to you and peace🙌🏽👏🏾🙏🏽

  5. Thank you so much this was beautiful and well needed at a time such as this I was so stressed out I feel much better now💜🌹

  6. Shalom Family 💜. Thank you Watchman Yah and Deborah Yah 👑💜👑 for this beautiful and very soothing meditation. I was taught that mediation was a bad thing but I see you have back it up with scriptures and for that I am very grateful 🙏. Keep up your good and wonderful works. Many are being blessed by your teachings…myself 👑💜 and my family 👑💜 included.

  7. Nice meditation I need to start an App the "Shalom app" similar to the calm app that I have on my phone

  8. I am a witness. Halleluyah. Thank You So Much. If Yah be lifted up all men will be drawn unto yah. Deeply in my soul it is well!!

  9. Shalom Brother Watchman and to your Family. Last week I listen in on your teaching. It is my understanding that Ruach Hakodesh would be a male according to the words of YAHAWASHI, he mention that in John 14:16-17,26, John 15:26, & 16:13-14.

  10. My gastroenterologist told me that I have stress in my life. He can tell from examining my colon. No better way to work on me but through meditating on the word of Yahuah. Thank you for this series!

  11. Man… DeboraYah has the BEST voice for meditation. I have been tormented in my sleep for a couple of weeks now and she soothes me to where I can sleep. I love these vids. I'm happy to start back watching these vids.


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