Wall-E | Why Trans-humanism SUCKS

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In this video essay, I explore the symbolic meaning of Disney Pixar’s WALL-E (2008), showcase how it goes beyond your run of the mill dystopian future story and how it might help us save the world from our present troubles…

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  1. Use the promo code: STORYTELLERS on ridge.com/STORYTELLERS to get 10% off your purchase!
    Thanks for watching, everyone! I love Wall-E, I think it's one of, if not the best Pixar film to date. Hoping this video essay about the symbolic meaning of the movie can provide some clarity and direction in these crazy times we live in. Peace! – Thomas

  2. I need to point out that the humans aren't fat just because they're in a place where all their needs are met by technology. Though that's certainly part of it, it's explained in the movie itself that their bone density decreases over time the longer they're in space, which is true of real human astronauts which is why they don't stay for too long. Decreased bone density could make physical exercise literally impossible or too dangerous, I believe. In the clips you show we see how their bones got smaller, that's the scene where they explain the bone density issue I believe.
    I'm sure the large amounts of processed foods they eat play a role as well, we don't know what their diet is exactly, but it looks like it might be a SAD, standard American diet, which is definitely helping to cause obesity in real life, since around 80-90% of weight is about the food you eat not your exercise habits. Genetics also play a big role, and the movie hints at humans starting to evolve differently I think, because of how they live, though evolution usually isn't that extreme that quickly, though in some cases we can observe changes over shorter periods of time so it may be possible.
    My point is just that, all these factors play a role, and they're all technically true in real life, so I think it's important to mention them, but I get that that's not really what this video was about. Just thought I'd mention it.

  3. Why does nihilism get such a bad rep? It's a facinating philosophy. It's not that everything sucks. The world at large just doesn't care, so if we want care in our lives, then we ought to care ourself and not wait to be cared for (e.g. God, tech, etc)

  4. I loved the movie and even as someone who looks out for this stuff, the charm of the movie pulled me into its fiction so well that I didn't notice any of this. Awesome analysis.

  5. Im not sure you understand what trans-humanism is. Its the transcendence of the human organism by physical artificial means. Post-humanism is the transcendence of biology altogether. Perhaps a better title would have been consumerism, as you seem to be confusing the two concepts

  6. I think you nailed it! I couldn’t find any dissonance.

    It’s interesting how people who can’t see the patterns and connections dismiss it as “reading too much into it”. It’s as if there is a limitation of meaning in the use of colour, shot composition, etc. Even if it was not meant by the creator, it can’t be dismissed as meaningless. Many times even the creator is not aware of the full extent of their creation. Think of a time when you said/did something trivial but later on someone shares how it had a great impact on them.

    No doubt, well done Thomas!

  7. I'm not religious, nor am I even spiritual but I found this video extremely fascinating.

    The message/lesson shared in this video and in the movie I think is one that should be taken to heart.

    Taking responsibility for your own agency, standing on your own two feet and coming together is a great one and I think it's something more people need to hear.

  8. Transhumanism is great and doesn’t disconnect us.

    Technology isn’t dangerous.

    Wall-E is anti materialism/consumerism.

    Transhumanism is using technology to improve the world, not consumerism.

    The main characters are robots after all.

    There is no excess of technology, it won’t make us infants and doesn’t disconnect us, it will grow us.

    Technology is good and can and will make things better.



    Transhumanism does not suck, it’s good.

    Also please stop with the whip masculine and feminine stuff, O get your point, but I don’t like the way you word it.

    Same with some of the religious stuff.

    Technology also isn’t a false good, it’s a good and noble goal.

    There is no over dependence on technology, we use it and it’s good. Having more is great and only make things better.

    Talk about the bs in this video.

    You don’t understand wall-e at all.

    Technology doesn’t alienate anyone.

    Technology doesn’t have a “place”.

    Technology will solve problems and some day we will be machines ourselves.

    You are using technology rn for fuck sake.

    Again technology isn’t dangerous AT ALL.

  9. Great video I love ❤️ wall -E movie and I’m happy 😊 you make a great video about this movie 🍿 keep up the good work and great positive you rock 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🌈🌈🌈🌸🌸🌸


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