War for your mind: Girding up your spiritual loins

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Comment (38)

  1. My father had passed 2011 and I was laying down in the bed and I seen him come to me come to me and he just vanished

  2. What I get from this is to Yah's anointed just leave them be. Causing any issue with them will cause issues with you.

  3. Mmmm. Spirits in the bible. What gods are therein? Amen is in the grimoire aka bible, cuz its not scripture! Who else? Oh Sophiyah Mariyahm Lucifer, the Queen of heaven and God here on earth. Oh y'all thought Satan was a he lol, know the christians got it very wrong, as per their elders the greeks and catholics/Latin. Let see Lord is Ba'al, BeliEL, belief aka Be'elzubub the king of the demons aka the tricksters..definitely fits with beLIEf and beLIEvers cuz they get tricked everytime they go see white G-Zues..aka jesus the god…who else is in the grimoire aka bible? Cuz its not scripture, its a mis-spell book.

  4. Pray upon the goods we buy aks that the fire of the RUACH HAQUADESH purified the goods we buy everything! Thank you fam for this lesson…Keep up your GUARD.

  5. Because they are taking natural cane brown sugar And bleaching it into this sick white sugars, I never buy..


  7. Hello Watchman Yahu & Sis Deborah, I was I was wondering you guys could do a video about the atonement, Yom Kippur & recommendations on how to celebrate it. I'm coming into the truth & these feasts and celebrations are foreign to me. I do not wish to join an assembly because of the bad things I've heard, so for now I'm on my own with this. I only listen to you guys as well, I'm literally afraid to listen to anyone else based on what I've heard. Thank you.

  8. So we are not going to know one another. We won't be male or female from one another! Tell me what happens when we pass?

  9. HalleluYAH 🙌🏻 I will dance my favorite dance, when the spirit of Yahuah comes upon my heart I will SING🙌🏻❤️✨ All the Praise & the Righteousness to Abba Yah & Yahusha Hamaschiac & The Kingdom of Heaven Todah Rabbah for class Sistren Deboryah & Brother Watchman Yah Bless you ✨🕊❤️ shalom

  10. Thank the TMH for balance teaching,plz brothers n sister this good food coming forth from this ministry.

  11. Tuasakidila, Yah Yah! Thank you so much for this! We are soldiers. And thank you for clarifying the “male nor female…” scripture! I’ve been telling people it doesn’t mean what we’ve been taught it to mean.

  12. HalleluYah…..

    What an interesting message and a great way of putting it.
    Finally explains why the man I married accuses me of being a man whilst I’ve not known how else to express the depth of my conviction except to say that truth is truth and nothing can change it no matter which way any one of us tries to bend it.

    It’s the truth that’s neither male nor female.

    As discussed before this can be a very lonely walk and In all these years seems I have taken in more the spirit of the word than the word itself. With you I finally have company to study from the same spirit that genuinely wants to know the truth and how it is revealed through The Word.
    Thank you so much for that. Feels like you are right there to reason with covering so many angles.
    This message helped me to realise how fully I have to take everything to The Father.
    All praises to TMH through the grace of Yahshua and the Ruach HaKodesh for revelation.
    Bless you for being a vessel

  13. Shalom family,Praise to Most High,amazing voices May Yahua allow Israel to sing for him just as the angels do day and night.
    I have been creating songs that I sing everyday ,I worship,praise each morning and this has brought so much joy,set me free and many blessings upon my life and I know this is only the beginning.
    Yisrael wake up and let us sing for our King ,we shall be healed and have ,live in victory until Yahusha returns.🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

  14. Gen 21: 9And Sarah saw the son of Hag̅ar the Mitsrite, whom she had borne to Aḇraham, mocking.

    10So she said to Aḇraham, “Drive out this female servant and her son, for the son of this female servant shall not inherit with my son, with Yitsḥaq.”

    11And the matter was very evil in the eyes of Aḇraham because of his son.

    12But Elohim said to Aḇraham, “Let it not be evil in your eyes because of the boy and because of your female servant. Whatever Sarah has said to you, listen to her voice, for in Yitsḥaq your seed is called.

    13“And of the son of the female servant I also make a nation, because he is your seed.”

    14And Aḇraham rose early in the morning, and took bread and a skin of water, which he gave to Hag̅ar, putting it on her shoulder, also the boy, and sent her away. And she left and wandered in the Wilderness of Be’ĕrsheḇa.

  15. I love you family! I'm sure I will watch this 5 more times just to chew the cud…is that what they say? Lol!

  16. Brother Sister Watchman John Cap 17 will close the case to the confusion. And so if it's not this way then it's not YaHuaH

  17. They are right about those spirit recognizing you. I was working in a jail and the man was standing behind bars when i approached the bars he immediately got on floor and crawled backward into a corner like i had a light shining in his face moving his head from left to right. I am thinking what is wrong with him!

  18. I had to come back to this lesson, just realized how important girting up your loins is. There is a major difference when you pray full armor. I wasn't praying this that much until the past 2 weeks and I can see how better things have become. During dreaming attacks are more blocked. Family don't mind me I'm 3 years into my walk. Halleluyah.

  19. My girlfriends daughter uses video games systems as a babysitter. The 10 year old lives for video games like an addict. He been playing the ps3, ps4 since he was 3 years old. He spent over thousands of hours just playing. A lost soul.

  20. I think the word says for the mothers to teach the young women but the man is still in charge of teaching the Mothers


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