Warning! Complilation of demon possessions on the rise! Pray for your family

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  1. This video is covered with clouds and your logo. you can't even see it clearly. Pointless.

  2. ok to begin with…who in the world led you to believe having any posters over your video obscuring much of all the video's was a good idea…from SNL…perhaps it was "SSSssssatan"..??!! Not only a gargoyle but was well written context….extremely idiotic I stopped this video because of those that obscured the quality of video…you are an idiot for doing your video's this way. What you deemed as demon possession is "Flakka"…I recognized all those individual video's up to the point I stopped them finding those vids under the you tube titles "flakka'. I'm going on to other sites If you wish to mislead ppl you will be found out for societies…especially our younger generations are very intelligent, wise & well informed and will spot your so called cases of demonic possessions as faked. I'm not saying that demons cannot enter into a person on drugs…I'm saying the vid's you stole…because you did not present their sources so you are presenting to the public a lie…since you did it this way you prove yourself as a deceiver. For anyone else coming here…don't waste your time…look up flakka & you'll see all kinds of possessions thru chemicals.

  3. They'll just say it's a reaction to illegal drugs, heroin/fentanyl, or a mental health problem. But we know the truth.

  4. Very disturbing to watch these people going through that, and as for.that so called judge???
    She seriously expected.an answer to her questions from that young man who.was clearly not himself??

  5. Why did you have to put on display that DEMON on the left of the whole video? That was an UNNECESSARY TACTIC!

    May 4, 2019

  6. It's real. I've seen it first hand far too many times. The Devil is busy, and we must busy ourselves staying close to the Most High. Very moving…

  7. Oh, and did you see the simulating of the sex act? Those incubus and succubus demons like to take advantage of (rape) people. I would hate for this to increase among the people of Yah. Anything that would serve as a distraction to keep us from drawing close to him before the end, the demons will use. We must be vigilant about maintaining a close relationship with the Father and the son, Yeshua.

  8. The MOST HIGH YAH has given us clear instructions and a manuscript to not be OF THIS WORLD! Thanks for sharing this video!

  9. Those are demons cause they know their end is at hand and esau got the nerve to ask if she took something and they are wicked as ever!!!

  10. The video was decent, but the large demon symbol is too large a distraction. It literally pulls your eyes and obstructs good viewing. Not taking away from the vid, which is good.

  11. What really upsets me is the judge @15:20 who keeps talking to a demon possessed man like he's in his right mind! The judge is unqualified to serve! She is a total idiot and I consider her ignoring the fact that he is not in his right mind to be abuse! Where are The Shepherd's? They should be shouting from their rooftops over all the corruption and they should be going to the prisons and helping these demon possessed to be set free, but 65% of all pastors say they have no prison ministries.
    That is outright rebellion to Jesus Christ! Matthew 25:43-45! Jesus said in verse 46 all who rebel against this command will go to Hell.

  12. Demons are very real some ppl are oppressed/poss/possessed. They can leap from one person to another. The Bible tells us that. Ephs.6:10-17, excellent way to get rid of them. Gee wish you left the video show them and a version for people who can't handle it. Gr8 share

  13. These are not demon possessions, trust me. Real demons dont care about mcnuggets or running from cops or acting like fools, they stick to the dark places, control and wreck the host body and commit horrible acts/get the righteous to sully their souls. They have no interest in already doomed souls and bad is good to them. Demons think goodness is awful like we think heinous acts are awful. At first the possessing spirit gets a feel for how the human body theyre possessing works, wrecks it and destroys as much or as many as it can before the body dies or is killed. Its like someone taking a stolen vehicle for a joyride/demolition derby/crash. Anyone thinking summoning a demon will make it friendly probably thinks jumping into a tiger enclosure and petting it will make it your pet/friend. Same ending, different beast. Demons look at humans the way we look at a dog that thinks its people: "stupid human". Their evil and jealousy and contempt are such that you can feel it. Im no Bible thumper or a saint, an i sure aint perfect but i have seen and learned things in my life that people would not or could not believe. There is more to this world than we can see and the truth is horrifying. Get right with God and at least make an attempt to avoid doing evil, help when you can and ask only that the helped help others in return. I call it the Basil Wallace/Riverman coin effect. Peace.

  14. the block that was being sentenced was pretending to be mad so he wont have to go into prison he thought if he acted mad he would not go into prison, the reason l say that it because he answered the judge back when she asked him if he had a lawyer he answered does it look like it. and he also kept quite whilst she spoke he was just pulling stupid snarling face trying to show her he's mental by the way which he is.and as
    for the rest of them most of the people you showed are on drugs. either meth or crystal or the bubble bath salts. exspecially the guy running naked that is a sure sign of bath salts, most people who take the bath salts say they felt there where burning up and took of their clothes.
    watch the programme on the effects of bath salts. the only real possession was of the guy that went to to get a drink out of the fridge l also saw this happen to a women in china.

  15. @22:38 I will always say this man's facial expression wasn't him demonically possessed. If this is the case then all murderers committing acts of violence are demonically possessed too. How about talking about men raping women, men raping family members, child molestation, fathers sleeping with their daughters and getting them pregnant, Catholic Priests molesting young boys, hip hop male and female music artists promoting violence and ludness in the content of their lyrics, women twerking in these churches, rioting in these streets, just people without self control and people believe this is normal behavior. Exploiting people with mental issues is illness within itself on who is pointing it out. Sometimes people that are suffering and are the way that they are is because someone did something to them, someone's drink could have been spiked, a demonic spirit was forced on them through rape, these are people groaning towards the end of this vid. Like for real, the KKK is demon possessed, those selling their souls to the devil for fortune and fame are demon posessed, bullies are demon possessed, adult entertainers in porn are demon possessed, pastors out here praising money is demon posessed, etc. These demons are not mentioned at all in this vid. People on drugs are demon possessed, people dabbling in voodoo, witch craft, magic are demon possessed. But mental illness is a demonic possession or oppression? I say mental oppression! I hope they do another video clarifying the real demonically possessed people because I feel sorry for the woman at the end of this video who needs counseling.

  16. At the NAME OF JESUS CHRIST OF NAZARETH, demons are silenced. Deliverance will come. Seen this many times. They need to call on Jesus Christ.


  18. Yes cause people in my living areas are doing crazy stuff.well they going crazy stealing in wall and floor and ceiling maintenance man looks like demon. Jesus whats going on so demonic.jesus help.


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