Warning! Demon possessions in people that seem normal but things set them off instantly

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  1. The guy filming is an idiot. I’m a argue and film you instead of taking my baby out of there. That lady walked passed that unsecured baby several times. People there is a time and place for everything. And a dangerous or potentially dangerous situations isn’t the time to breakout your camera phone. Oh, the moms a freaking moron too she didn’t leave or grab the baby either.

  2. Yea I'm deleting apps yo. Thank you I stay glued sometimes and don't know it. I gotta stay prayed up

  3. To the makers of this video: Is this phenomena actually increasing or has the "internet" given us all a place to share stuff (that's been happening all along).  Please RSVP. PS: my earliest experience of "sleep paralysis" goes back to the 1950s to late 1970s.

  4. Thank you for sharing this… a few of the videos you show are of people on Ice a drug gone crazy in Florida and other places.

    I've stopped listening to the old music I did before the Truth. In high school I separated from Christian and studied some of evil part of occult. Like Led Zeppelin uses many demonic symbols.
    Anonymous confirns music and Lucifer controlled frequencies: https://youtu.be/FbMOnWIQwFo
    Also, this ex-illuminati, confirms the use of these botched-luciferian frequencies, through the music industry: https://youtu.be/uA1Ut-K1FsU
    Get rid of all of it. I listen to devotional music like Fred Genius.

  5. I would’ve grabbed that old lady 👵🏼 by the hair and thrown her out. She is filled with severe hatred.

  6. This is the first video I've ever seen from u guys. I'm very happy I ran across this because I believe that you're both working for God. So many people pretend to work for God, but I always get a bad feeling if they're not sincere. Through Jesus I believe I'm able to discern good from evil. Thank u for spreading the word. Subscribed and clicked bell:)

  7. Going from zero to one hundred in a second, is a sign.. violence, anger leads to rage… (murder)..

  8. Spiritual warfare is real I have dealt with these entities since a young age but until recently I could not bare it any longer I gave my life to Jesus Christ my savior.
    It took me over 14yrs of my life to finally come back to the light.
    My testimony is real and I can truly say the power of God is almighty.
    Thank you guys for sharing this video it is time to call out all these demons and start uniting Gods children. For no one knows the time of his return . we just need to be ready

  9. People might think this is funny but this is the saddest thing I’ve seen. Some don’t realize they are putting themselves up for this stuff. 👀 🤨

  10. I am a Christian and a believer of God and I try my best to follow his rules and commandments and stuff.. but i put that on everything I love if a crazy possessed person , or even just a weird ass nigga come up to me on that weird type shit yelling at me and tryna hurt me ima have to set fye on they ass and beat them to within a inch of they life , possibly even shoot somebody , that’s exactly why I stay strapped wit my Glocc 40!! 😂💯 period Amen.

  11. I remember not to long ago i had a dream at night that was similar to sleep paralysis but oddly different, my sister which was bellow me because we have bunk beds, well we used to, and she was having sleep paralysis problems already. I was a little freaked out but, not really scared because it didn't really mess with me it messed with her, until that night.
    It was around 11, or 12 when i dozed off, and had this odd dream, i started out downstairs in my kitchen by my table, which our big bible was in the center of it. And i saw this shadow like creature on the opposite side of it. That's when me and the creature started walking around the table. Now in my family, we didn't go to church or worship the so called jesus they worshipped, we worshipped the most high which the Hebrew Israelites worshiped. So for some reason i started to curse the the Jesus that the Christians refer to not knowing what I'm doing, that's when the whole scene changed, and i started to see a Greek statue under one of those street bridges. Then that's when everything turned red and i saw that shadow like creatures eyes.. which were red, it looked like a monkey and reptilian mixed. I still wasn't scared until i heard it growl in my actuall ear that's when i forced my self to wake up. But it never came again after that, and out of the whole night, never did it once touch me. Praise the Most High.

  12. I really love what the brother and sister put on you tube.they are real.for the stuff they put on.keep it we need the awakening.

  13. She is full of demons she can't help herself. Soon she will be gone it's a strange thing to see but she is Satan's seed.

  14. That’s why you command “In Jesus name…”
    she’ll get the heck out I guarantee you
    Demons will make her walk away from ya

  15. I have thought about how the demons attach to people, I also think that secrets we hold can open ourselves up to possession. Having childhood trauma abuse and not expressing those experiences I think allows these demons to come in. As secrets are using hidden which means they are in the dark, and the demons love.darkness.
    Confessing or expressing these traumas we hold secret for many reasons, brings them into the light, and exposes the demons to that light.
    I also think that demons may be the ones preventing the people from remembering their trauma, so they cannot express it, enabling the demons to stay in the body over the years.
    Thank you so much for your videos they make so much sense to me and are very helpful.

  16. How about the Opioids the army keeps bringing in. The new diseases, and new drugs? What about what they are doing with Cern? Letting in beasts and dark matter. Ill bet that same dark matter that they are experimenting in colleges is also being sprayed or somehow placed in certain areas. Probably Florida! Lol. Anyway random thoughts. Has the veil of protection been lifted and the drugs, music, sodomy, etc all giving way for it? Need to know. Then what do I do?

  17. That demon hate yall and showing her true colors esau going crazy cause we are chosen by yah. Their time is up wow!!!

  18. I’m. Attack. Sometimes. 5-7. Times. I. Pray. A lot. And you keep. All. The. Most high. Holy. Days. And. Sabbath. To. I. Hate this. Please pray for me. Help

  19. Just yesterday there's a movie library I get my movies from but it was so hot so on my way there i decided to go to a nearby one as am looking for what to watch a lady comes in with two kids on 9 or 10 a girl and The other a boy about 7 so she's talking to the lady she had a list of movies she wanted and The kids are going through The different movies on display and they were very interested in the horrors section the girl landed on a movie I think she had watched before And she says mom this is the movie that had The ghost of something I didn't quite get the name the mom was at a distance then she says to The brother but I don't know why i see her ghost whenever I close my eyes in the bathroom that's when I realized even More we really need to control what our children are watching hearing And reading because these things are real and they are trying to take over the minds of our kids

  20. They r erasing as much and as many comments that they can on all minority sites only!! Anyone from now on that erases comments of any minority shall be cursed by the most high and may his wrath fall apon your family with full force and vengeance!!!!thus saeith the lord!!!

  21. Please Pray for my wife. Cause this and the other lessons y'all have done, she has showed all the signs. But I am trying to Just let YAHUAH YAHUSHA fight, but she will make sure I know that she doesn't want me, and she has been trying to talk to other men… Please pray for and with me please


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