WARNING! FISH Is NOT A Health Food Anymore

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  1. You are right back in the days people was more healthy food was made different and home grown and people was more active because they was outside working in the garden and the children played out side

  2. At least that's one of the food that Yeshuwa ate himself after resurrection too .The miracle of food was about fish too .For that reason this post my be rejected with all the contempt it deserves .It is the cleanest food on Earth and it's not about wat it feeds on

  3. I love your videos but I’m not giving up the fish I’ll have it in moderation with lots of veggies no rice

  4. Nothing is pure in this country from the soil on down. So technically we aren't safe to eat anything. I know vegans who died from heart attacks who never ate meat so….

  5. I am so thankful for this information, I've been making fish stews with salmon and loving it, but I have also been suspicious of the dangers of mercury and other bad things in fish.
    I'm ready to go Vegan!!

  6. 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔 the most high Yah always the winner Israel better fallow his instructions. But we needs a lot of prayers and works

  7. Well the problem is that vegetables and fruit is tainted as well going vegan is not fully the answer yes you not supposed to eat meat every day but the cut out salmon and fish that’s very foolish the Bible said we would eat poison and live it the spirit that will save us no I don’t eat pork and shrimp and stuff no more but we can’t go vegan

  8. Why are we as black people who are awoke and know we are the descendants of the biblical Israelites still listening to any thing Christians has to say, what has anything Christianity taught us benefited us in any way? if Christians want to eat anything that walks and crawls on this planet let them and when they suffer and die in pain and agony have no mercy or pity on them this is why YAH called us a hard headed and stiff neck people.

  9. Why do i get the feeling you chastising me? lol. I'm vegetarian, i used to be vegan, but i love cheese too much. But after hearing you reprimand me lol. I thinking about going vegan again. What is your opinion on meatless options they sell at the store like "Morning Star Farms and Gardein"? @watchmanreports

  10. This is going to be hard for me and my family…I won’t cut out salmon completely but I will have to cut down on it 😔. Thank you for this informative video, I will need to fight…even if it’s just for myself

  11. Funny part is it, he is telling the truth. Yes, everything IS tainted, but we gotta pick the lesser of the evils. You gotta choose clean food. AND…most of ya'll are smoking and drinking on a regular, so you gotta take extra precautions. It's time out for the excuses. DISCIPLINE is true righteousness.

  12. I told my family. I came to Atlanta and they have fish wing places all in so called black neiborhoods. I told them they were only in these neiborhoods because they are poison. They continually attach us any way they can. All the seafood restaurants selling crab and shrimp which is against the law I reminded the Atl is land locked they are shipping that dirty poison from the gulf. All I got was it sure is good

  13. I seen an interview where a doctor sebi said that broccoli is a hybrid and it is not good for you I kind of don't know what to eat nowadays

  14. My family don't want to change either, they're all stubborn. I stop eating made completely; both clean and unclean. I started eating fish only, then I received some information on the poor treatment of the farmed fish. So I stopped eating fish too. All I eat is Grains, fruits, yams, and vegetable but even those are also compromised. So before I eat I always remember to ask The Most High to bless the meal.

  15. Capitalism Destroys food, there is no way to make good food production financially profitable.
    The Term "Food Business" is a misnomer.
    And Seedless fruits create seedless people.

    Not Even The Bible has record of calamities equivalent to that which the world faces now.

  16. When I was young I got made fun of because I was overweight, now it's because I'm skinny! I can't win! Lol!😀

  17. Wow my father just died and he was hard headed! Even while sick he still wanted catfish and pork chops but my mother listens better then my father! My father was only 60 years old and its terrible!

  18. I know this man is right but it is annoying to hear what he is saying! We literally cant eat anything!😂😂😂

  19. I have "always" eaten healthy. I was told I was mentally ill for it through the church and military. Why is the military harassing me for my organs since I am not normal? I have no interest in cleaning anyone's mess up!

  20. I'm curious. Since the world's food supply is mostly contaminated or compromised, you mentioned getting nutrients by using supplements from your website and Dr. Fuhrman. What are the sources of the ingredients used to make these supplements?

  21. Thank you brother for expressing love truth n obedience to TMH in sharing with us brother. Thawada. ALL praise to TMH. Lets get it right!!!!!!! n straight!!!!!

  22. PRAISE YAHAWAH IN THE NAME OF YAHAWASHI!!!!!!! WORTHY is the PRAISE FOR OUR LAMB!!!!!!! The dangers ISRAEL face are real. This is why we have to live in YAH'S LAWS as best we can and remember to PRAY OVER and ABOUT EVERY THING WE EAT and acknowledge HIM in ALL THAT WE DO. No WEAPON FORMED AGAINST US SHALL PROSPER. But this is HIS PROMISE for those of us who love THEM and serve HIM in Spirit and Truth.

    You really don't know it, unless you grow it!


    ISRAEL Pray for ISRAEL! Stay prayed up ! Loyal and faithful to YAHAWAH in the NAME of YAHAWASHI!!!!!!!

    Much love Israel!


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