Warning: The UNSTOPPABLE judgment of God (Yah) has been activated worldwide

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  1. I repent all of the sin and impurities in my life and give my self unto the most high to serve in obedience and love for all days to come❤ Please repent people all is seen….all

  2. The funny thing is yah is not his name, that’s Baal name, yah is Tetragrammaton for Satan do your research but I don’t mind helping y’all out. When we pull out our strong concordance in our language Hebrew the number for Yhvh is h3068 right witch means from havah. Now when we research havah the Hebrew number for that is 1933b witch means to become. I’ll even show you were in scripture SATAN himself said that he will be like the most high. Isaiah 14:14 “I will ascend above the heights of the clouds; I will be like the most High.” That’s interesting because, when Moses was up in the mount talking to god , our ancestors was carving Baal = yah from Egypt , that’s why a lot of them didn’t make it to the promise land. I’m here to put some light here. His name is found in exodus 3:14 I am that I am. Okay since we know the Bible is a Hebrew Israelite book we have to translate it in ancient Hebrew and it is AHAYAH ASHER AHAYAH = I am that I am and his son name in our Strong's Concordance Hebrew language is H3467 = yasha the meaning of that name is savior and I’ll back it up with scripture Matthew 1:21 “And she shall bring forth a son, and thou shalt call his name Jesus: for he shall save his people from their sins.” See how it give the definition of our messiahs name , we already know Jesus/he-Zeus/Zeus is not his name cause it’s Greek but you guys need to research much more my brotheren . It’s all love here , YouTube gocc 12 tribes of Israel !, to get some more edification ! One!.

  3. you may have opinions about God's judgment but please do not speak for my father the most high do not do that

  4. you say God says you take one I'm going to take a hundred that's a lie straight out of the depths of Hell how dare you how dare you

  5. why do you say words like global and planet the world is flat has 4 corners and is on 4 pillars correct

  6. look up nasa in hebrew and let me know why you would say planet and global those words shouldnt be used imho

  7. If God controls the storm, why did Jesus rebuke Himself? The Redding fires were destruction reaped by its abusive religious leaders for sowing idolatry (arrogance), rivalry, jealousy/envy, division and hatred.

  8. The Most High is not playing with these other nations that have been killing his chosen people the Israelites and he's not done. TRUTH 👑🔥👑

  9. So what. You are saying. That all those fires. In Greece are. Yahua s. Punishment?
    Sorry but. Our Father. Will not. Punish. Like that. What you are doin. Is just causing. Fear instead. Of respect. And as mighty as he is he will never. Released. Such a rage. Towards. Innocents.

    The fires. Were. Caused by. Those in the Dark. That have. Technology. Called. " Athena" a laser. Attached. To an. Airplane. Drone like. Do your research.
    And please. Do not. Spread. That kinda of. Fear. Cause. That. Will cause. Anger. From people. And instead of. Having them believe he is bad. And he dont love us.
    " Athena " its beign used. Not a prophesy. Lately. I hear people. Questioning. If. Our father is real. And. If henis why he is cruel causing. Us to died.
    Hope you got my point.
    I do.listen to you. Yes. And you make sense. In all your videos. But this time. Sorry but you need correction


  11. According to your Bible to make God a man is to make an idol isn't that an abomination a false image of God being a man

  12. God do not Murder innocent people what are you saying, your government and others are killing the people with weapons of technology, weather control technology, Depopulation technology, NAŹI who have taken over our government all over the world, God is not Killing us, Man is killing us and destroying the world, Earthquake from Fracking and Microwave technology, even are food and Water is deliberately poisoned, mind technology that Transmit real evil thoughts via Brainwave Frequencies, Mind Control, God is not the one who is Force Cloning the entire population of the world and committing human Genocide, the only one i see killing us and destroying God's World is evil Man so don't even try to blame God, this is not God's judgement because my innocent parents committed No Sins either did my slaved forefathers or the innocent children today who are all being brainwashed with false Ball Spinning Earth brainwash education to the Deadly Viruses they are forced to take, we live in Satan Satanic world and if Father God decides to come for his world, we will all know about it and not just some innocent people, i pray that people like you and others see what is really going on and that all this distrustion is being committed deliberately by the UN, NASA, NAZI, and the OTHER PEOPLE , who look like us but are not human that come from across the ICE who have all joint forces to change life on Earth by getting rid of humans at their Secret Underground tunnels and Secret Underground Cities and replacing them with human android or Clones, No one came to save the Jews from the NAZI and no one is coming to save us from them now, it's up to us to save ourselves and save our fellow brothers and sisters from across the world , they are using technology you cannot begin to imagine as well as weapons of mass destruction they have Special Type Phone Towers technology that can keep your whole Street or Town in Deep Sleep while you all are asleep at night, where your whole street can be Forced Cloned and Chiped and no one would even see or hear anything or even notice anything, we are all being Chiped without our knowledge or consent or simply being disposed off, we need to speak out and have the Chimical Trailing Stopped, the Microwave Top Secret Classified weapons stopped, HHARP Weather Control weapon stopped , the takeover of our Food products being all GM stopped, the poisoning of our Water supply stopped, the Deadly Vacancies and Airborne Viruses stopped, the Burning of our homes and flash flooding stopped, the Secret Underground WALMART Cloning Centers Stopped and exposed, OMG i can go on and on, but if people won't or cannot see what's going on, then what's the point because it's like everyone must be blind or covering up one eye, for God's sake wake up

  13. No one listens to these women anymore, be gone. They aborted 70 million babies. Stay in your place!

  14. These people are on other sites talking about the fires are coming from aluminum oxide sprayed for years on the earth. You really have to smile at how they have every answer but the obvious!

  15. Well this is just the big soup the world is. But life is still going to go on 2000 years from now

  16. Hmmmm. So all the church going Christians lying about other people to cover up their own despicable behavior should definitely stop doing what THEY are doing. Then they wouldn't feel the need to lie about other people.

  17. Ex: We've all seen the video about the black pastor that had sex with multiple members of his congregation and infected them with AIDS or herpes.

  18. Its callwd natural disaster not wrath if god buddah allah yah Yahweh jehova Vishnu Shiva nine that religious shit…damn when yall gin realize shit happens? Before humans who was to blame dinosaurs ? Fuckin religious nuts …smh

  19. Continue to speak the truth sister YAH CHOSEN PEOPLE will be redeem..though they joint hand in hand the wicked SHALL not go unpunished .We had to paid for the sins of our forefathers so SHALL they .May YAH bless you ..

  20. Shalom ALAIKUM ACHOTE Deborah. Forgive me if I may have misspelled your name. But I am in agreement with you on the issue that YAHUAH ALAH is ordering the disasters on the Earth upon the wicked for their acts, in which they've done so bodly against the father, and for the injustices upon the true children of YAH! But for those that have turned to YAH now, and hearken to the commands of the Master, Bani YISRAEL, Yahuda, and the gentiles, will be gathered, in Zion. YESHA'YAHU/ISAIAH 56. WALAMA!!!!

  21. truthfully the world needs to be depopulated there is to many useless brain dead people walking around using up the resources. all the fucking people with mental disability that can't get there shit on track sorry to say but fuck em. that's how nature works the weak and the stupid die off. they slow us down. you can only move as fast as the slowest people.

  22. and this yah fuck can't make anyone do anything thanks to the serpant he gave us knowledge and free will and no God angle devil whatever the fuck you want to say can take that away.

  23. Don't forget about the opioid epidemic. YAH bless Sis Debra..The same heroine that was sent to destroy us has turned back unto the children of those who sent it..

  24. Hello, my question is, what should I do when individuals come around me and have hate, jealousy animosity towards me and all I do is show love and also these females trys to come between me and my mother. What should I do

  25. The most High is cleansing this world of Evil! He and his wrath is moving fast
    right before our very eyes. Those who think that their skin color will save them
    from judgment? Will be quickly amazed how wrong they are.

  26. This is a great video of the truth, people that don't believe, YAH has a way of getting everyone attention. The hate you display is what will you get. and no one can stop that. Shalom'

  27. I have long said from observing the prophetic events that "the sins of the parents will fall upon the children." My understanding of this became illuminated by me studying my very own acts committed and watching my own child. Judgment is here.

  28. GODS JUDGEMENTS are on man kind dear lady…king James version has all his name…you're just about crazy…seek THE REAL GOD …


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