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Comment (18)

  1. This morning I had a strange dream about a man having 3 wives and all he would eat was pork. Not sure what it means.

  2. Worker at the Smithfield plant in Virginia was caught on tape relieving himself while working

  3. Someone gave me something cook where pork was prepared yesterday. I havent eaten pork in five years i feel like i have the flu today. I am not ok. Anything that makes you feel this way after it is out your system is not ok. Something is wrong with pork and i feel like im seriously ill.

  4. I am a food addict, and because I am waking up and learning alot, I'm removing pork,crawfish, shellfoods and bottom feeding fish. I've heard this of course But☝🏿because I am reading the KJV for myself and not by here say I have to stop🛑because now I know for myself and held accountable!!! It's hard but my salvation is worth it!!

  5. Ted ….. in the comment section has been TROLLING black YT channels. Be warned family, block delete him 😡

  6. Yes Sir! Pig is not allowed, just recently my mother and I decided to kick it out of our lives, also Shrimp and all that Leviticus 11 says not to which we never payed attention to. Funny how a couple of months ago my lips would get swollen every time I had shellfish, and now it’s starting to happen to my husband. If you want bacon get Turkey bacon lol

  7. Ew dont eat dirty pork.. no good. Mafia use to feed dead bodies to pork.. pigs can eat a human corpse under 2 hours but cannot digest the human tooth! 🙏 just what I like to share to ppl because I own a mafia documentary DVD.. n this is what they say and laughing about it.. Keep to RAW FOODS! BANG!

  8. Hello, this is random but what bible do yall recommend I should read? I’m currently reading the KJV bible but I dunno if it’s accurate. Thanks.

  9. Eating pork is the worst meat a person can eat!! And God forbids it it's an abomination to eat it or touch it willingly!!- it's a Sin to Our God of Israel! Leviticus 11! Isaiah 66!

  10. Pork has changed. Before CORONA it got real cheap. The quality was worse, IT AIN’T KOSHER🥺😳🤢

  11. They that sanctify themselves, and purify themselves in the gardens behind one tree in the midst, eating swine's flesh, and the abomination, and the mouse, shall be consumed together, says YAHUAH. YESHA'YAHU (ISAIAH) 66:17 את CEPHER


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