WARNlNG: Teachers with a form of godliness, but deny the power of the Ruach(Holy Spirit) The Gifts

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Comment (24)

  1. Can't hear you… you're breaking up. Either you're yelling too loud, or your mic isn't doing well. Love you ! Peace !

  2. Yes, they have been pricking our heart with the The Holy Word. But cleansing is required and good for the Heart. The Lesson o they taught on the "Are you being lead by The Holy Spirit or The Flesh? That was a good lesson. And a needed one.

  3. Hello. Please be aware that when watchman speaks loudly that the microphone causes his voice to become distorted. Please remain calm while speaking. Thank you. Have a blessed day.

  4. "Where two or three are gathered in my name I am there." Mathew 18:20 Yah is in a christian assembly even if they are not praising.

  5. The Bible is so confusing as a whole! It's interesting how there was one Messiah all throughout the OT, and a completely new one in the NT! Will the real Messiah, please stand up??

  6. Your babies sing so beautifully. I heard the song off of Hebrews to Negroes and your babies were singing it, and now I'm trying to go back and find it. Please can you tell me which one it was? thank you

  7. Your children sound great I feel the annointing on them as they sing now. Tell them to keep it up Shalom

  8. Shabbat shalowam Watchman and Deborah.

    I want you all to know that your messages are greatly appreciated. However, the new microphone you all are using is too powerful for your format…When it can be heard someone munching on chips or whatever in the background (another video) and it's not that the volume is too loud…It's distortion, when a powerful voice such as yours Watchman is picked up.

    What happened to the sound equipment you all were using in your former house?

    Watchman, picture this…Have you ever heard a person who sings, and their voice is so amazingly strong, that they don't need amplification to fill the acoustics properly when performing, based on the audience in attendance?

    Dear brother, that is your voice! Please remember, that microphone is you're using is very large and powerful, but you are not making your video's in a forum that is large and can hold that sized audience, you are producing your video's from your home, that is a small format, that is generated on the internet waves….

    Even when your children and mother in law read scripture's, make comment's and sing in the background, it's not heard as strong as your's and Deborah's voice.

    I don't know, perhaps the microphone should be placed more in the background and you and Deborah's voice volume will be balanced out more effeciently with being picked up as background audio….Especially yours brother….There is nothing wrong with you getting excited in delivering your messages and having joy by the laughter displayed from your spirit as you speak and enlighten our family to the truth…But brother your voice is not as deep as Barry White….Sure you right!LOL.  

    However, you are a big man and you rightfully have been blessed with a big voice to accompany that Yah blessed structure called you and you should praise, sing, talk, laugh and teach the truth of Yah that comes up from the bottom of your diaphragm from your lips!!!!  

    You have that kind of strength and power and you must know this….It's the same thing as a man of your strature who disciplines his children with corporal punishment….You cannot put all of your strength in putting your big hands on a small child's back side, if you did, even with 2 smacks you could injure your child, you have to remember your strength guage it carefully as you use it based on particular situation's.

    Now, if you and Deborah aren't upset with me about stating "my truth", common sense and techincial knowledge (brother I know you are in the business of computer/internet and advertising issues) but sometimes it does not hurt to listen/view someone's opinion being on the outside looking in…I would like to make a request of your very, very blessed children….Would it be possible if they could sing "This little light of mine" in an upcoming video you all are blessd to make?

    Much love, appreciation and love for you all……..And praying for you ALWAYS!!!!!!!!

  9. Yahweh worshipper in jamaica watchman can u do a 30 minutes worship song by your daughter u dont have to use beats

  10. Do you have footnotes to download of the lessons
    On the Cepher
    Some times you go to fast 💨 and I can’t keep up
    After your done I could do my lessons my self

  11. This is very true…because; that's exactly what happen to myself before I came into the knowledge of knowing who Iam. The holy spirit lead and guided me. True true true. Confirmation what the Ruach revealed to me about what you speaking of on false teachers, therefore; the Ruach is leading me away from certain teachings. Love that truth. Marvellous vid. Thank you for your leasons. Shalom

  12. I think this was an awesome message but very hard to hear . I wish the audio would have been good throughout the entire message . Thank you all for sharing the word of The Most High hallelujah


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