WARNlNG TO THE CHURCH! Pastor SIumps Over & DlES While Preaching!

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Comment (45)

  1. Looks like he was murdered ? Was he fighting against or exposing some corporation or foreign power out there?

  2. Jeremiah 23:1-2 (KJV) 1 Woe be unto the pastors that destroy and scatter the sheep of my pasture! saith the LORD. 2 Therefore thus saith the LORD God of Israel against the pastors that feed my people; Ye have scattered my flock, and driven them away, and have not visited them: behold, I will visit upon you the evil of your doings, saith the LORD.

  3. Misleading title and message. These pastors are dying because of secret pacts with Satan and because they are not preaching the truth nor about Jesus's soon return. You do not need to be paid for that. What you need to do if you are sincere in helping anyone is listen to their issues and reply back with a video. But it's not a physical problem anyway so I say you missed the mark on this one. Be careful about running into churches with a false message requiring the church or churches to give what they don't have or you will be judged just as harshly as the man you spent 20 seconds talking about in this video. Telling the church to repent and come to Christ is way more important at this late hour. Take it to God in prayer. Unless He needs to send cash first.

  4. Most of these churches as failed to obey God and so because of that God takes away his Holy Spirit and anointing from out of the church. In every church there should be an evangelist mother or a prayer warrior who detects things before it happens in the church. That's why there is something called Discernment.

  5. Listen, this is crazy
    I have nothing against this brotha and what he is teaching. This Is what the scripture says about the Last days. 1 Timothy 4: 1-5. The Most High Yah changed the dietary law in Gen 9: 3 from what he commanded in Gen 2:8. The dietary law is listed in Lev 11:1-47. This brotha has a doctrine of the last days. People need to take command of their own health and do research instead of just listening to these LAST DAY PREACHERS!!!! They are teaching what the script says will be happening in the last days. Most of us already know these people are not keeping the dietary LAW!!!!

  6. Maybe it was his time to go. You can eat healthy and still pass away from one thing or another. Stop pushing… IF he would have came upon YOUR supplements. Cmon man.


  8. In the bible it says to celebrate death and mourn birth so where the pastor has gone is where we all will be going at the appointed time so it's a win win situation I thought the video was going to be about the spirit but it's all about this pastor selling himself so I was disappointed as he has used this situation to promote his business?

  9. Goes to show how slow and how much of clowns christians are in their cirrus… circus… church. They act silly, loud, clamorous, and aloof so much, they actually thought him dead as a doorknob and slumped as he fell to the floor was all part of the circus act and show.

  10. A few years ago,( Sad but true) a young lady was attending a Church of God in Christ service. She was getting happy as they call it, fell out on the floor, the congregation thought she was slain in what they call the SPIRIT,at the end of the service, they discovered the young lady was dead, to the best of my knowledge, she had no known illnesses.

  11. You Reap What Chu Sow, Only Applies To Farming, and IF GAWD Dosen't Allow Your Crops To Grow That You've Sown, Then You'll Reap Nothing From The Harvest You've Sown, IF GAWD Doesn't Make The Crop Grow, BECAUSE THAT'S GAWD'S JOB/Will, To Make The Plant Grow, We Have No Control Over How Or IF The Crops Sprout😏 Or Not😌

    One Plants, Another Waters, But GAWD Gives The Increase🤗

    I Just Planted😎

  12. Judge not, lest YOU be judged. No one knows why this man of God died, so stop assuming because he slumped over is because God is judging him. Be careful what you say or think about this preacher that you know nothing about because the same God that some claim in the comment section, that God is judging pastors/preachers, is also the sane God that will judge non believers/non church goers too. So NOBODY is getting away with sin.

  13. Minister Of Wellness, I agree with you my brother on eating healthy to enjoy a better living. Mind, body and spirit. But I disagree with you using this man's death as a promotional sales pitch… Shame on you my brother! Just sale your product!! In that case, use every death to eating unhealthy foods. Shalom!

  14. Sadly, this happen many years ago to a minister in my father's church…before he passed God told my father to speak with him about an extra-marital affair of which he denied each time God sent my father to him. After, doing so God spoke to my father in a dream that this man would not make it to see Him…it was a matter of time…one night after the minister had preached his sermon, he sat down in the pulpit and gave up the ghost by way of heart attack! I beg anyone seeing this video to get your heart right with the Lord. No man knows his/her number of days only God! Also, in our church we have nurses on duty in the service, so this does help mitigate a few issues…however it can't cover everything as a person should be the primary caretaker of maintaining their good health. It was unfortunate to see that the congregation could not make a connection that he was dying right before their eyes! Finally, I am praying for this pastor's family and I most certainly hope that he had his life in check with the Lord. My deepest condolences go out!:o(

  15. He will dearly missed by his family and congregation my condelenses."The length of our lives is decided beforehand-the number of months we will live.You have settled it,and it can't be changed"-Job 14:5.
    "Remember how short my life is,how empty and futile this human existence!No one can live forever,all will die.No one can escape the power of the grave."Psalm 89:47-48. Shalom.

  16. He could have been getting some warning signs for a while, and like some men, ignore those warnings until it's too late. That is so sad!!

  17. High blood pressure and high cholesterol are one of the black man's enemy. We have to do better taking care of ourselves. This claim is no way affiliated with the person's in this video.

  18. For someone who watches for the first time it just seems like more than half of the video is spent plugging engagements. If you are sincere in what you speak arrange your videos in a manner that a first time listener can get the substance of what you’re trying to say as apposed to endlessly referring to your speaking engagements in the first half of the video.

  19. You people are truly RepRobaTED to be advertising someones: FATHER, BROTHER, SON & PASTOR to peddle some event you are are hosting so you can fleece the people of YAH! You people are disgusting classless and tasteless! When you die unexpectedly and in a compromising position maybe your kids will feel what this man's kids feel ………when strangers who are scavengers looking to make a quik dollar milk the saddest moment in a childs life

  20. They have poison most of the food at the store
    where we supposed to get this food
    I would even order fresh food if I knew where to get it
    Even our fruit is messed up it doesn’t even taste the same
    Living in a condo only good food I can get is fresh tomatoes and I believe they’ve doctor the seeds

  21. there is no way you can have high blood pressure and diabetes and not be aware. high blood pressure comes with seeing funny things glittering in front of you, headaches, tiredness. diabetes comes with fatigue, weakness upset stomach, problem with sleeping. at some point he must have been to the doctor and when you go to doctor they check your weight and bloodpressure

  22. Allah ko pyara ho gaya. Bohat pyar karte te. Achi bat hai Pehle mar gaya. Abey buffering nahi suffering. ROFLMAO mene band kar diya video na. Isliye buffering. ROFLMAO tumhe nahi dikhega na. Apna data use karo.

  23. Probably died because he's preaching about the anti Messiah jesus lol if he was really about the true Elohim he would have a full beard and hair on his head. All false prophets will be judged worse for misleading Yah's ppl and others. Shalom🙏🏼

  24. dang you did more promoting yourself than actually getting to the meat and potatoes of what the video is actually about.


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