WARNlNG to Those Celebrating the D e a t h of 'Rap The News' H e b r e w lsraelite Youtuber

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Comment (26)

  1. Why didn't Yesuha save him, this is what I have been saying to you people the god you people believe in is a Pagan God that's why Yesuha can't save him.

  2. This was Judgement by YAHAWAH. this man was a scarfer of the son of the LORD and the prophet’s of GMS. All these judgements going on in the world and y’all can’t see. REPENT ‼️ KA HALAL YAHAWAH BAHASHAM YAHAWAHSHI BAHASHAM RACHAA QADASH . For the women- 1 Timothy 2:12
    “But I suffer not a woman to teach, nor to vsurpe authoritie ouer the man, but to be in silence.”

  3. As the Son of Perdition, I know it is the Dead who Rise First….the First Resurrection! This is not the First Resurrection, this is the Harvest Supper of the Lamb! Raptor News! 🙂 Fowl's of Heaven!

  4. I may not always agree with my Israelite family but I would never wish death upon any of them 😔 I don't recall ever hearing about this brother but I do want to send out my condolences to his family 😢💔

  5. Omg I listened to him and knew that he was in hospital but didn't know of his passing. R.I.P rap the news and praying for his family

  6. It's terrible and so disgusting. Celebrating someone's death. Where is the Love for our brother, for ourcfellow man

  7. Rap the news put in alotta work for our people. I stand on it's only one GOD TMH. Not a son or a prophet next to him. RIP to a Genuine one. He did the work that most wouldn't dare to do. I love and miss him already 💔🙏🏾😇

  8. The one thing that I can honestly say is I truly detest hypocrites now no one should ever make fun of a person because they have passed away. But I will also go on to say how can you defend somebody disrespecting a man that may have passed on. Deborah but you disrespected a gentleman over the summer time who went and bought jury with his lottery winnings and you called them all kind of stupid names and then when somebody check you on it you go and block them as if that was really going to stop something so God doesn't approve of it both ways you have no business speaking on that man. To say that he was stupid when he owns his own house I said the lottery multiple times what he do with his money is his business 🤦🏻‍♀️👎🏼👺🔥👺 not everybody wants to have a house or by land in North Carolina which is their right not everybody is going to practice Hebrew Israelite or any other religion that doesn't make them a bad person think about that that the words come out of your mouth is so contradictory to what your message is and how judgmental you become. 💯‼️🤦🏻‍♀️👎🏼👺🔥👺 It's the pot calling the kettle black?when you respect everybody regardless of their mistakes let God deal with it when you put your own thoughts and judgment on it you cast judgment upon you and your household. Which is not a pretty picture let God lead in all things cuz you are certainly not God none of us is. The most high shall judge every man for his or her on deeds let's be clear my heart goes out to a young man that lost his life may God have mercy on his life and soul happy wonderful 2022. 🎇☃️😇😎

  9. I agree with watchman so many hypocrites bless you and then curse others. Or find the need to cast judgment on another man another woman cuz they don't live a life that you live.. your Castor judgment if somebody goes and buy different clothing jewelry houses. And then call them stupid if they get robbed if they get shot if they get murdered. Because some people don't have the balls to live the life that they dream but they love to steal and lie on others to take what doesn't belong to them. I really detest hypocrites you can sit up and judge a woman because she go and buy jewelry and say that she's out of place. She should have bought her a house cuz she don't want to buy her some land in the south. Or your judge a man if he go and buy a house by a car by jury etc if he comes up shot if he comes up Rob you'll fix your mouth to cast judgment on him. But if a man practice the same religion as you oh now you want to call for sympathy many people are such liars and hypocrites careful who you speak against of one day it might be you 👎🏼👺🔥👺🐍🤧🤬 the devil is always busy so many liars and hypocrites but it's a place in hell waiting for them to burn eternally 👺🔥👺🔥🤬 so I agree when you sit back make fun of somebody else because they don't live a life that you live you bring a curse upon your own family from your children's down to the sixth and 7th generation is what I have read in the Bible. But many people won't stop take that into a court the next time you cash judgment because somebody buys a house a car jury or clothing. And somebody who is jealous want to Rob them kill them to get what they have. Before You cast judgment and calling them stupid remember it may be your own household. that may be affected by your stupidity and judging somebody. because they don't do what you say do every woman every man has their own free will, to do as they like with their own life their own money.🤦🏻‍♀️ only they have to suffer good bad or ugly. So why call somebody dumb because they don't spend their money on what you deem is more appropriate whether it's a house whether it is land whether it is trips, whether it might be clothing etc people have a right to do what they like with their money take your own judgment when you start thumbing your nose as somebody and then get bodacious and the speak about it. Most cowards love to block people when you call them out on their simple-minded BS. I think if we mind our own business and stop casting judgment on other the world would be a better place. I say in the end already God has the final say and that's beautiful a prosperous 2022 to everyone.💯‼️😎🆒✔️☃️🖤♥️💚💛

  10. Thank you both for this word. These discussions are needed among our people!! My condolences to his family and friends.

  11. All praises to the Most High and Him alone! Proverbs 24:17, Rap also taught a lesson on that as well!! I will always thank the Most High for having me find His Messenger, Priest, Warner, everything that Rap the News spoke he spoke boldly unto the throne of The Most High, bending not. TKO with whomever he came up against. I’ve never known of anyone as righteous as him. Thank you Most High and may The Most High bless y’all as well!! The Most High knows best!!!


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