Was this the decision that cost Napoleon his empire?

A clip from our video on Napoleon’s Invasion of Russia. Watch the full video here:

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  1. I think it was the decision to invade Russia in the first place. If he had made a small army to keep watch on the Russian border and maybe make small territorial gains to bait the Russians into battle it would've been better.

    I think his main concern should've been Spain tbh. Sending Soult or Davout to Russia while he secured his hold on Spain and Portugal would've been the way to go

  2. His greatest mistake was opening two fronts, one in East others down european neck spain….This would later be repeated on by Hitler in ww2 when decided to commence Barbarossa

  3. Invading Russia wasn’t a mistake up until Russia decided to not give Napoleon a decisive victory and to keep retreating and using scorched earth tactics. Then at that point Napoleon should have withdrawn immediately. So could Napoleon easily beat the Russians? Yes. But you can’t beat a ghost. And you can’t beat winter and dwindling supply lines.

  4. After the Battle of the Nations the Coalition offered him his Title and everything left of the Rhein as a peace offer and Napoleon rejected it, THAT was the decision that costs him his empire

  5. Look Napoleon lost a considerable amount of his military before the campaign due to disease due to not having sufficient supplies and medical care also he fought a terrible engagement at Borodin

  6. Yeah I wouldn’t have continued further supply lines were at breaking point, soldiers were demoralized and the weather would get far worse in the coming months was a disaster waiting to happen


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