Watch Live! Elon Musk's Neuralink Demonstrates Its Brain To Machine Interface

Neuralink is the ambitious company from Elon Musk that will reportedly merge humans with artificial intelligence by inserting a chip into the human brain. According to Musk, Neuralink’s mission is to help treat brain disorders, control hormone levels, and preserve and enhance human brains. Musk announced on Twitter earlier this week that the company would be conducting a live demo of how far the technology has come.

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  1. The significance of this invention is not what it can do at the moment. It’s a set of endless possibilities that are potentially attainable in the future. Imagine if the device can enhance the neurological transmission in a certain area of a human brain and boosts visual acuity and reflex so much that even a well-trained marksman can’t compete with the subject. Or to interfere with the functioning of the pituitary gland so an ordinary person can grow to a bioengineer optimal height for a certain sport or art such as basketball and ballet. At the end of the tunnel, this is capitalism in its ideal form.

  2. I found the transition @1:04 to "linguistic" theory vague by everyone on the panel (and the one unscientific portion in what is obviously a stellar scientific team). The idea that human language (or animal language) is slow, is one thing, but there was a big leap to the believe that their are "thoughts" in the brain that can go "untranslated" by language to another being that has "thoughts" and there would be "transferred meaning". E.g. the Dali-esque composition that doesn't need a painting. I didn't notice much scientific rigor behind those ideas. The notion that there would be "no" translation from the neurons firing to the electrodes transmitting to the head-device (which in turn "filters"), to the edge-based algorithm "decoding" meaning (after all, the model requires a human to "tag" a signal with some sort of value), to the BLE signals competing with noise as they talk to a cell phone which in turn has bandwidth issues of its own to "talk at a distance" (yes, it might be faster than compressed air, but it won't be faster than photons used in visual communication). Language evolved within "context", in the same way genes evolve in an environment. Context actual allows for novel uses of language like "lying", "deception", "humor", etc, etc via code changing. In other words, the code and the context require one another, and as far as I can tell, there is little design in this device for "context input". Great presentation. Thank you.

  3. BEHOLD THE MARK OF THE BEAST. People have been preaching this for centuries, and morons of today will just happily plug this in. Not to mention, peace treaties are being signed with Israel – the prophecies of Revelations unfolding bit by bit.

  4. Hmm, "no observable changes following removal of device". That is an 'outside observer' i take it, the recipient would ultimately sense any judgment of impaired difference one would expect.
    I really need to describe a clear and present dismay associated with a now longtime entrenched stigma of judgement in the view of "western anti mind altering community" directed at any and/or all recreational substance partaking. This kind of unquestionably neurological invasive project is indeed "to infinity and beyond greater" a mind altering gadget wired into neurosensors for permanent longterm altering, in turn BLOWING those anti-do gooding little soldiers "mind altering" hatred propaganda out of the water! Theres Dumb then Dumber…

  5. If they can fix all that they can also make that happen to healthy people. what do you think they will do to the not elite ? think again guys ! we as a people should regulate them (musk,klaus,gates,mark all the big players in the world) because they are all evil !!

  6. This technology brings hope to spinal cord injury patients and their families. Beyond grateful that Elon Musk and the Neuralink Team are applying their brilliance to revers the devastation of SCI.


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