Watchman and the Boys in the Garden

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  1. You all have done a great and wonderful job with your beautiful garden. So inspiring. Also such great and warm family. Shalom.

  2. Love your garden. My daughter is talking about doing a garden. She is 27. And she is in the process of looking for a home to buy with a big back yard. Now when i was a child me and my siblings grew up helping my mom with her and my dads garden. So i seen so much. But when i got grown my job had me traveling and the garden i had i let it go. So im so glad i will now get a chance to at least help my daughter with hers. I will be planting some things myself. But she said to me one day. Moma, we gone have to start a garden now. Things are getting bad with these foods we eating. My daughter said this yall. She is paying attention !!!😇

  3. Beautiful garden i also recycle my seeds. Love you family its always nice watching your family may the most high keep youll in everything. Youll do

  4. Blessed the most High! He makes beauty in the earth! The garden and also these people who are also beautiful gardens!

  5. I betya your beautiful children do not have no adhd or growth defects. That garden is so beautiful reminds me of when I was younger visiting my mothers family in NC. They had the best gardens and the fruits and veges were so good. Nothing taste the same anymore the food is not providing the nutrients we crave. You can just tell everything is GMOd and full of pesticides. We are literally starving to death in the cities with these food structures. Children have cancers that are not even found in adults is demonic for sure.

  6. It's beautiful. It brought back my memory when I was a child, my mother had flower garden in front of the house. My father had vegetables and fruits in the backyard.📖🙏🏾👑

  7. I have garden desires as well!! I'm in an apartment now, I'm praying to Yahuah for a way to garden! I love your videos!! Most High and Yahusha bless!!


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