Watchman & DeborahYah ask our people for forgiveness

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  1. Shalom to you both. I think one issue some may have is that they feel you guys are afraid of the trouble to come(Jacobs Trouble) this is why you said what you said fam. I pray for you and all of our people to get through this time. HALLELU YAH!

  2. Most people read the title of that video and went no further. Never taking the time to actually watch it and see what you were saying. I'm grateful to my Father for placing the 2 of you in this world to try and assist your brothers and sisters as much as possible. If their hearts are sincere about Yah then Matthew 11:15 HE THAT HATH EARS TO HEAR, LET HIM HEAR. I personally believe that title alone brought out who alot of the real wicked ones are and sadly enough its many. Peace and Blessings to you all. You are loved.

  3. The paid agents make us look so bad. You done well by denouncing being a Hebrew. They down grade people as if they are perfect. they are sad.

  4. No apologies needed, if anything we law breakers need to apologize to you.
    I understood the context of the video in question, keep going!

  5. This is nonsense.We at end and people worried about Deborah not wanting to be affiilated with the title Hebrew Israelite. I say, you still in the truth, you believe in Christ, then it's all good. Also, whited out is what brought me and my family into the truth! we love you guys! Stay strong.

  6. Hello Watchman report and Deborah Yah,,,,,When your get a chance go to you tube search and put in black man died and go to heaven , please watch his entire video

  7. Family we must UNITE for survival. For future do not entertain anything that is not of YAH. Not all those who claim to be Hebrew Israelites call of YAH. You will know them by their fruit.

  8. I need to see the video, in which they're speaking of concerning denouncing the Hebrew/Israelite name. Which video is it??

  9. The truth has always been a hard pill to swallow, especially when it points to a listeners transgressions. I ask for forgiveness everyday, because I may have sinned against someone, or I may have done something sinful & not even be aware of it. Your asking for forgiveness just shows that you desire to take the high road. Keep doing what Yah calls you to do : those of us who have the ability to hear & assimilate the truth will continue to do so. Others are under a strong delusion & will not accept the truth, even when solid proof is demonstrated to them. There is so much false doctrine going around, not only in the Christian churches that most of us came out of; but more than a few Israelite camps as well. I appreciate the truth wherever I find it & I pray that you both continue to be a source of truth that I & others can rely on. It will get hard to do what you do @ times, but Yah is your strength in all things., just trust in that. Remember only a remnant shall be saved, so there are many of our ppl who unfortunately will never discern between the truth and lies & will thus be lost. Keep doing the best you can to awaken & bring to Yah as many as you can. Shalom brother & sister.

  10. Beautiful morning. Well done on the video, and again obedience is shown. After watching this video the verses that are screaming so loud to me are, Yeremiah 31 31-40!!!!!!
    Ahab and Shalom

  11. Peace to you. I look for the good in all, first.
    Not everyone who calls God will escape perdition. Many among our nation will be damned. I can realize that.
    You haven't transgressed.

  12. Many times, HOW we say a matter is just as important as WHAT we say. I admit I was taken aback with the words "God Damned" at first; however, listening to the entire message, the CONTEXT of the words were appropriate, indeed. I am very appreciative of the message, Achut DeborahYah. This Yiddish word "Hebrew" and many others must be dealt with. It is time! Tudah for your stand! If one has to take issue with the contents therein, so be it. CONTEXT is impossible unless one listens to an entire message being presented. Scripture tells us that it is a fool who answers to a matter before hearing it. If everyone would take the time to listen to your entire video, there would be no confusion. We are a damaged, emotional stiffnecked, envious/jealous Nation, and is why we go from one captivity to another. A Caucasian neighbor asked me one day, "When are ya going to get it?" He made a very good point. Achut DeborahYah, by your fruit, it is obvious you and Watchman love Yasharal. We are all just waking up and must realize that none of us has arrived in knowledged as of yet, and sadly many of us think we have.. Be encouraged!! Much shalum.

  13. Watchman and Deborah I want to encourage you to always speak the truth.We will be persecuted for speaking the truth with boldness .Yahshua endured lots of contrary talk and insults.He for warned us saying that if they listen to me they will listen to you if they persecute me they will persecute you. Actually being mistreated for truth is proof that we have Yahs spirit and the reward to recieving everlasting life.Satan wants to stop the preaching and teaching the very fact that he is targeting both of you is proof that you must be doing something right or he wouldn't be hot on your tail.Keep up the Good work and may Yahwah Bless you both.

  14. Shalom Family, we must hold fast what we have received of The Truth. Th Father's Word come in the flesh says "I if i be lifted up will draw all men unto me" let us keep lifting him up and our ministry our walk of faith our living shall not be in vain. All of Yahawah's enemies are on a collision with unshakable reality. so let us be faithul unto death and maintain our crown of life. keep the faith once delivered unto the Saints.

  15. I've been in church half of my 40 years of my life I was raised in church in the Christian church and I never heard of the name of the Almighty YAHUAH now I believe the most high has truly open my eyes and starting to reveal the truth to my soul and I am so happy that I've been lead by the Holy Spirit to find your teaching that breakdown the holy word crystal clear thank you so much from the bottom of my heart love you may the most high bless you and your family

  16. Maybe you should rethink the company your keeping. Some people will make their problems your problems and have you thinking your the real problem. Most of the hate/disrespect seems to be directed towards Deborah. I would stop feeding the strays.

  17. Please don't fight with our people we are suppose to love each other, thank you. Less said the better off it takes away from bring the most high's word to those who really need it.

  18. The wind makes this video difficult to hear.

    I do not use Hebrew Israelite either because there are many "Hebrews"…Ishmael, and Esau descendants as well, however the promises are to Jacob/Israel, and his seed…12 sons. Todah Rabah for your humility however you will be doing this a great deal if you chose to address it every time someone becomes offended because when one speaks truth they will offend. The Gospel IS an OFFENSE!

    Many people will use tactics to attempt to shut you down…pray for them, and move on…Shalam!

  19. No need to apologize Brother Watchman and sister Deborah. And l have thank y'all for your many teaching that have opened my eyes to a lot of things that I didn't know about our history nor about who I am. I have been doing my study's with you'll for some months now and its all positive knowledge even when it hurts but the truth is the truth and what I see is that your attacks are coming against your family because what y'all are doing and saying is the truth. So keep doing what you'll are doing and don't get distracted because the enemy is definitely mad because of the truth. I will continue to do my study's with you'll and again I thank you'll for your many teachings. Love you family Shalom ♚

  20. I respect any one who can humble themselve, ask for forgiveness for the wrong they done against someone,the wind is and repent for their sins,

  21. YHWH will be the judge and jury over this matter, you have humbled yourselves and apologized for truly doing nothing wrong, THE MEEK SHALL INHERIT THE EARTH, SHALOM

  22. The two of you are the examples we need to show people that it's ok to humble yourself(ves) if someone takes offense to something you say or do. This shows that the Most High reigns in your lives. From some videos I've seen, they should take heed and apologize for things they say as well. You are doing a great job! Continue to allow the Most High to work in you and through you to get His truth to those who are open to hear. There will always be someone who takes offense when they know it's the truth. It's called DENIAL!

  23. When it's windy outside and when you talk during the wind we cannot pick up your words thought you just might want to know that, I love you and appreciate you

  24. No need for any apologies. But, I understand if you feel in your spirits that one was needed. It shows how humble and filled with grace you two are. Yah chose you two to help his people gain clear insight of his word. I've been seeing folks, that are brothers and sisters of the Isrealite community, speaking negatively of y'all ' s ministry (not many tho). In my head and through the spirit of the Ruach Ha ' Kodesh…a voice told me that they were committing sin by showing hate onto you guys with their twisted views. I also heard the voice say that despite what others may falsely speculate about y'all, Deborah Yah and Watchman Reports Yahu wouldn't retaliate by making false accusations back to them. They have a deep love for their people and others of all nations, because Yah is not hateful, so they aren't neither. Though, The Most High despises evil… he is not a spiteful and unrighteous God, unlike as we can be if we are not upright. Stay true to our Elohim…times are getting much darker, but we can make it as long as we stay focused on The Most High. Bless you two and Shalom.😊 📣 ❤ ❤ 💙 💚 💛

  25. I love you two and your family. And I have not been offended in any way possible. My eyes have been opened more by your teachings and I will continue to follow you. May Yah continue to bless you both.

  26. I don't feel you need to apologize. I feel people will hate you for the truth. Some of our people have run a muck. We always going to find falt with righteousness. I know you encouraged all people to do the right thing. If anyone be divided its because they are week and should study for themselves. Big brother and sister if you were white nothing would be said. The devil will always send his dogs after you when, you are doing right. Keep helping people like me that need you. Trying to work out my salvation. Please pray for me.

  27. May Yah bless your family Watchmen I love your channel…and right we need to be at peace with each other! Our real enemy is not each other but truly the devil…we are in the last days and we need to stay focused on the truth of Yah!…Shalom family…


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