Watchman Yahu Sabbath Message Qodesh Event….Now that you're Baptized, Now What?

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  1. my Dear Beloved Brother and Sister please Pray in agreement for me my husband, I have seen that you are both are built up with Humbleness, I need strength on this Journey GOD blessed you both and children

  2. Praise the most high yah, I love the message so does my husband and 12year old daughter.
    Now my question is my daughter as never been baptized and would like to? Could anyone help me now that I don't go to church anymore, I don't know what to do if I should get baptized again as well in the name of yahshua or just leave it as it is since I was baptized in Jesus name.
    Any suggestions, please let me know

  3. So I have a question for yall if someone can answer are yall teaching and living by the old testament of the bible because it appears that you are

  4. HALLELUYAH 🙌🏾 💖💞 HALLELUYAH🙌🏾 💖💞 HALLELUYAH🙌🏾 💖💞 HALLELUYAH🙌🏾 💖💞 HALLELUYAH HALLELUYAH 🙌🏾💖 💞 i will walk in the RUACH! I will not fulfill the lust of the flesh!!!!


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